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Saint Augustine Church's Stunning Gothic Architecture in Annaba, Algeria

Planning a trip to Algeria from the UK? 

Get the best rates for Algerian currency online

You’re likely excited about the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean coast, and the rich history. But first, let’s get you set up with Algerian currency.

Buy Algerian dinars at Manor FX today. We offer fantastic Algerian dinar exchange rates, giving you more DZD to enjoy. 

Choose from home delivery, office delivery, or in-store pickup near Heathrow. Manor FX provides unbeatable rates for your GBP to Algerian dinar exchange. 

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Algerian travel money

Prepare for your journey to Algeria, a mesmerising country with a diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Can I buy Algerian dinars in the UK?

Yes, you can. However, it’s an exotic currency, not commonly found at major banks or post offices. 

You’ll typically find Algerian dinars at specialist bureaus like us at ManorFX. 

Avoid exchanging your travel money at airports, though. High rates mean you’ll get less dinars for your pounds.

Buy your dinars now

Fantasia is a traditional exhibition of horsemanship performed during cultural events in northern African region

Where can I buy Algerian dinars? 

Buy your Algerian dinars in the UK before you travel. Purchasing dinars beforehand offers peace of mind and saves time upon arrival in Algeria. With the local currency ready, you can plan better for your budget and expenses.

Online currency exchange platforms offer the most competitive rates. You’ll get the best pound sterling to Algerian dinar rates at Manor FX.

While you can get Algerian dinars in Algeria, local currency exchange offices might not offer great rates.

Buying currency in Algeria can be less convenient. You’ll find fewer options to compare travel money rates, adding stress upon arrival.

Is it better to buy dinars in Algeria or the UK?

Buying in the UK is advisable. Getting Algerian dinars before your trip ensures a good deal. Yes, ManorFX offers the best rates in the UK for Algerian dinars.

What is the best currency to take to Algeria?

Algerian dinar is the best currency to take to Algeria. 

Some places might accept euros or US dollars, but local currency is more convenient and economical. 

A small amount of euros or dollars as a backup can be a wise choice, especially in remote areas.

crowded street market in the Bab el Oued district of Alger, Algiers,

Can I use my debit card in Algeria?

Yes, in major cities like Algiers and Oran. But many places, like local markets and taxis, are cash-only. 

Always contact your bank before using your card abroad to prevent it from being blocked for international transactions.

How to avoid ATM fees in Algeria

Avoiding ATM fees in Algeria requires planning and knowing how these fees come about. Here are some tips to help you save on ATM fees while in Algeria:

  • Choose the right bank card. Before your trip, research which UK banks have partnerships with banks in Algeria. Some UK banks have arrangements with foreign banks that allow you to use their ATMs with reduced or no fees.
  • Understand your bank’s fee structure. Check with your UK bank about international ATM fees and foreign transaction charges. Knowing these costs can help you plan your withdrawals better.
  • Make fewer, larger withdrawals. Instead of making multiple small withdrawals, withdraw a larger amount less frequently. This minimises the number of times you have to pay a fee. However, balance this with safety considerations of carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Use ATMs wisely: Use ATMs attached to branches of banks. These are less likely to have additional fees and are more secure. Avoid ATMs in tourist areas or airports, as they often cost more.
  • Check for refund policies. Some UK banks refund international ATM fees. Check if your bank offers this benefit.
  • Carry backup cash. This reduces your dependency on ATMs and helps when you can’t use your cards.
  • Avoid multiple transactions. If your bank charges you for each transaction, try to complete everything in one transaction.
  • Use card for payments when possible. To save on withdrawal fees, use your card for payments in places that accept cards, like hotels or large retailers.

Remember, while avoiding fees is beneficial, always prioritize safety and convenience, especially when travelling abroad.

Is it best to use cash or card in Algeria?

Cash is king in most cases. Cards are convenient in tourist areas, but fees can accumulate.

Aerial view of a beach in Algeria

Should I take cash to Algeria?

Yes, it’s a good idea to take cash to Algeria. Here’s why:

Cash is widely accepted

In Algeria, many places, especially local markets, small shops, and taxis, operate on a cash-only basis. Having cash with you is essential for these transactions.

Limited card acceptance

Credit and debit cards are accepted in larger hotels, restaurants, and stores, mainly in urban areas. 

ATM availability

While ATMs are available in cities and larger towns, they can be less frequent in rural areas. Also, they’re not always reliable because of occasional outages or being out of cash.

Avoiding ATM fees

As discussed earlier, using ATMs can incur fees. Carrying cash helps avoid these fees.

Emergency backup

Cash for emergencies is always smart, especially in areas where electronic payment methods might not be accessible.

Tipping and small purchases

For small expenses like tips, street food, or local transportation, cash is often the only option.

However, balance the amount of cash you carry for safety reasons. Use hotel safes or secure pouches to keep your money safe. 

Also, consider converting your cash to Algerian dinars (DZD) before you travel for better exchange rates and convenience.

Do they use euros in Algeria?

In tourist areas and large cities, yes. However, establishments set their own exchange rates. Using Algerian dinars gives you better value.

Is Algeria cheap for tourists?

Yes, Algeria is relatively inexpensive for tourists, especially compared to many Western countries. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Algeria a budget-friendly destination:

  • Accommodation. Options vary, from budget hostels to mid-range hotels. Prices are generally lower than in many European countries.
  • Food and drink. Local food, especially at street vendors or restaurants, is quite affordable. Traditional dishes like couscous and tagine are both delicious and inexpensive.
  • Transport. Public transportation, like buses and trains, is reasonably priced. Taxis are affordable but agree on the fare before starting your journey.
  • Sightseeing. Many historical sites and natural attractions have low entry fees. Walking around cities and enjoying the architecture and street life can be a free and enriching experience.
  • Shopping. Local markets offer a variety of goods at reasonable prices but prepare to haggle to get the best deals.

Prices can vary depending on the region and the type of experience you seek. Tourist-centric spots and luxury services will generally be more expensive. 

Remember that while daily expenses might be low, the cost of flights to Algeria from the UK can be a significant part of your budget.

The Triumphal Arch of Trajan in Timgad. Batna. Algeria.

How many Algerian dinars do I need for a week?

The number of Algerian dinars you’ll need for a week in Algeria depends on your travel style and planned activities. Here’s a rough estimate based on different types of travellers:

  • Budget traveller. For those sticking to budget accommodations, eating local food, and using public transportation, you might spend around 2,500 to 5,000 dinars (approximately £15 to £30) daily. For a week, this would be about 17,500 to 35,000 dinar (£105 to £210).
  • Mid-range traveller. If you prefer staying in mid-range hotels, dining at nicer restaurants occasionally, and perhaps taking guided tours, expect to spend around 5,000 to 15,000 dinars (£30 to £90) daily. For a week, that’s about 35,000 to 105,000 dinars (£210 to £630).
  • Luxury traveller. For those seeking luxury accommodations, fine dining, private tours, and more comfort, the cost could be upwards of 15,000 dinars (£90) per day, reaching 105,000 dinars (£630) or more for a week.

These estimates cover accommodation, meals, local transport, and some entertainment. 

However, they don’t include the cost of flights, visas, or travel insurance. Also, remember that prices can vary depending on the location within Algeria and the season of your visit. 

Have a bit of extra budget available for unforeseen expenses or splurges.

Tipping in Algeria

Tipping, or “baksheesh,” is appreciated. About 5-10% in restaurants, and small tips for hotel staff are customary. Tipping isn’t obligatory but shows respect for local customs.

the Algerian Tuareg travellers desert

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Algerian currency

Banknotes in Algeria

Algerian dinar banknotes come in 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 DZD. The banknotes are colour-coded, with each denomination featuring a unique colour.

Fronts feature important national figures, and the reverse sides showcase cultural or historical landmarks.

Algerian Dinar banknotes

Coins in Algeria

Coins are in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 DZD denominations. Algerian dinar coins reflect the country’s heritage. 

They feature notable figures or symbols on the front, with cultural or historical elements on the reverse.

Algerian dinar coins

Algeria’s currency import and export regulations

Algeria’s currency import and export regulations are quite specific. Travellers need to be aware of these rules:

Non-resident visitors

From July 2023, if you’re visiting Algeria and not living here, remember this: Declare if you’re carrying more than GBP 4,300 or its equivalent in other currencies when you arrive or leave.

Algerian citizens and residents

Are you an Algerian citizen, or living in Algeria? You will have to declare if you have more than GBP 860 or its equivalent in other currencies.

Exporting currency

Planning to take out more than GBP 6,450? The export of amounts over this is subject to additional requirement.

Ordering Algerian dinar online

At ManorFX, you can convert pounds to Algerian dinars and have them delivered securely to your home or office. Or pick them up near Heathrow. Click here to order Algerian dinars.

Selling back Algerian dinars

If you have leftover travel money, you can easily exchange Algerian dinar to pound sterling here. Convert your Algerian dinar to GBP fast with ManorFX. We offer good rates to change your leftover Algerian dinars to British pounds.

view in the Sahara desert of Tadrart rouge tassili najer in Djanet City ,Algeria


English is not widely spoken in Algeria. The primary language in Algeria is Arabic. Specifically Algerian Arabic (known locally as Darja). 

Berber languages are also widely spoken. French is the most common foreign language used in government, education, and the media.

Before travelling to Algeria, check your government’s travel advice for current safety information. Major cities like Algiers are generally safer, but caution is advised because of petty crime and the risk of terrorism. 

Be mindful of Algeria’s predominantly Muslim culture and local laws. Ensure you have travel insurance, especially for health, as medical facilities may be limited outside urban areas. 

If driving, be prepared for varying road conditions. Always have emergency numbers and your embassy’s contact details ready. Research and planning are key for a safe trip.

UK nationals do require a visa to enter Algeria. You’ll need to apply for a visa before your trip, as visas are not available on arrival. The type of visa required depends on the purpose of your visit, whether it’s for tourism, business, or other reasons.

To apply, you typically need to provide:

  • A completed visa application form.
  • Your passport, valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.
  • Passport-sized photos.
  • A confirmed itinerary or hotel booking.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay.
  • A letter explaining the purpose of your visit.

The application process can be done through the Algerian embassy or consulate in the UK. Check their official websites for the most current visa requirements and procedures. Plan to apply well before your travel date to allow enough time for processing.

For travel to Algeria, ensure you’re up-to-date with routine vaccines like MMR and tetanus. Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are also recommended to mitigate risks from food and water.

Consider hepatitis B and rabies vaccines if you’re at higher risk. Consult a healthcare provider well before your trip for tailored advice.

The best time to visit Algeria is spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). 

The weather is generally mild and pleasant during these periods, making it ideal for sightseeing and exploring. 

Summers (June to August) can be extremely hot, especially in the Sahara region, while winters (December to February) are cooler, with occasional rainfall in the north. 

Spring and autumn offer a comfortable balance, suitable for various activities across the country.

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