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Beautiful sunset over the sea with a view at palms on the white beach on a Caribbean island of Barbados

Travelling to Barbados?

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Barbados travel money

If you’re planning a trip to Barbados, having Barbados dollars on you is crucial. 

Whether you dream of relaxing on sun-soaked beaches or exploring the island’s rich culture, converting GBP to BBD beforehand is a must.

Here’s the lowdown on using cash and cards in Barbados.

Where to buy Barbados dollars?

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View of traditional 'Reggae Reggae' bus at Holetown, Barbados,

Should you convert pounds to Barbados dollars before you go?

Absolutely. It’s wise to convert some GBP to Barbados dollars before your trip. Having cash ready for immediate costs like transport and meals is key, especially if you land outside regular bank hours.

While credit and debit cards are common in towns, cash is necessary for smaller vendors and markets, where cards might not be accepted.

What’s the best currency to take to Barbados?

The official currency of Barbados – the Barbados dollar (BBD) – is your best bet.

Some places might take US dollars, but using BBD is smarter for daily buys. Avoid poor exchange rates by sticking to the local cash.

Is it best to take US or Barbadian dollars to Barbados?

No. It’s best to take Barbadian dollars to Barbados for smoother transactions and better rates.

Barbados Aerial View to the Bridgetown with the Blue Water

Are US dollars accepted in Barbados?

Barbados mainly uses the Barbados dollar (BBD) as its official currency. However, US dollars (USD) are occasionally accepted in tourist areas and big shops.

Please note: Using US dollars can lead to worse exchange rates, and you might get BBD as change. It’s wiser to use the local currency for everyday shopping and the best deals.

Are credit or debit cards accepted in Barbados?

Yes, cards work in most tourist areas in Barbados, but vendors usually like cash better.

VISA and Mastercard generally work well. However, American Express might be less widely taken.

Let your bank know you’ll be travelling before you go to stop your card from being blocked and to dodge extra fees for changing money.

Is it better to use cash or card in Barbados?

In Barbados, cash is king for most buys. This is especially true in smaller towns and markets, as well as for services like taxis.

While big hotels, resorts, and fancy restaurants do take credit cards, many places still prefer or only accept cash.

Important tips to remember:

  1. ATMs are common in cities and tourist areas but might be rare in remote places. It’s smart to carry enough cash when heading out of big cities.
  2. Be careful when using credit cards to prevent skimming and fraud. Stick to trusted businesses and keep an eye on your card transactions.
  3. Always carry your cash in Barbados dollars (BBD) to dodge lousy exchange rates and fees.
  4. Carry small BBD notes for daily spending. It can be tricky to change big notes, especially in smaller shops.
  5. Having more than one way to pay is wise in case of emergencies. A solid plan is a mix of mainly cash and a credit card for backup.

How can I minimise ATM fees in Barbados

To cut down on ATM charges during your trip, consider these tips:

  1. Use ATMs linked to major Barbadian banks, like FirstCaribbean International Bank or Republic Bank Barbados.
  2. Withdraw more significant sums of cash less often. 
  3. Check if your home bank has partnerships with Barbadian banks that might offer fee-free withdrawals.

Is Barbados a cheap place to visit?

Barbados offers both affordable and luxury travel options. Your costs will depend on how you like to travel, where you stay, where you eat, and what you do.

Budget-friendly advice:

  • Stay in cheaper accommodations or local hotels.
  • Eat at local spots or street food stalls for tasty, affordable food.
  • Use public transport or share taxis to save money.
  • Look for free or cheap activities like beach days, hikes, or exploring towns.
  • While there are many affordable choices, remember that tourist spots might be pricier than less-known areas. Plan and budget according to what you like.
Promenade at marina of Bridgetown, Barbados.

How much money do I need for a week in Barbados?

It depends on your style, but here’s a rough guide for a 7-day trip to Barbados:

Budget trip:

  • Hostels or budget hotels: £20 (about 52 BBD) per night.
  • Eating local: £15 (around 39 BBD) each day.
  • Getting around: £5 (close to 13 BBD) daily.
  • Fun and free stuff: £15 (roughly 39 BBD) daily.
  • Daily total: £55 (about 143 BBD).
  • For the whole week, you’re looking at around £385 (approximately 1001 BBD).

Mid-range trip:

  • 3-star stays: £60 (around 156 BBD) each night.
  • Nice meals out: £40 (about 104 BBD) per day.
  • Cars or shared rides: £20 (nearly 52 BBD) daily.
  • Paid adventures: £40 (roughly 104 BBD) each day.
  • Spending per day: £160 (about 416 BBD).
  • The week’s total total is £1,120 (somewhere near 2912 BBD).

Luxury trip:

  • Fancy resorts: £140 (around 364 BBD) per night.
  • High-end dining: £80 (approximately 208 BBD) daily.
  • Private transport: £40 (close to 104 BBD) each day.
  • Exclusive experiences: £80 (about 208 BBD) daily.
  • Daily outlay: £340 (roughly 884 BBD).
  • The total for seven days is about £2,380 (which is nearly 6188 BBD).

These rough costs can change based on how you spend and changing exchange rates.

Tipping in Barbados

Tipping is common in Barbados. It’s usual to leave a 10% tip in restaurants, while hotels might get tips ranging from £10 to £20. Following these tipping practices ensures a smooth and respectful visit.

Onboard a traditional 'Reggae Reggae' bus near Holetown, Barbados,

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Barbados Currency

Barbados banknotes

Barbados banknotes are colourful and made from a mix of paper and polymer. Banknotes come in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 BBD denominations. They are various colours, each for a different value.

The notes showcase Barbados’ rich history and culture, with landmarks and notable figures on them.

Barbados dollars to GBP and pounds to Barbados dollars conversions are easy with Manor FX. Our rates are top-notch, whether you’re buying or selling Barbados dollars.

Barbados Dollar banknotes

Barbados coins

Barbados coins come in various denominations: 1, 5, 10, and 25 cents, plus a 1 dollar coin. They feature designs that celebrate the island’s culture, history, and wildlife, making them not just currency but also small pieces of Barbadian heritage.

Barbados coins

Barbados currency rules

Knowing the currency rules for Barbados helps:

Currency import rules:

You can bring any foreign currency into Barbados. You need to declare that you’re carrying more than the equivalent of £7,500. 

Currency export rules:

The £7,500 limit also applies when leaving.

If you have more, you need to declare it. You might need to show where the money came from or the declaration from when you arrived.

Buy Barbadian dollars online 

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Convert Barbados dollars to sterling

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Plate of Bajan Fried Flying Fish


Barbados mainly speaks English.

Barbados is famous for flying fish and cou-cou, a tasty national dish. It includes flying fish, often lightly fried or steamed, served with cou-cou. Cou-cou is made from cornmeal and okra, mixed together until smooth and thick, like polenta.

  1. Swim at Crane Beach – it’s really beautiful.
  2. See the amazing Harrison’s Cave.
  3. Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to see cool animals.
  4. Stroll around the historic Bridgetown.
  5. Relax in the gorgeous Hunte’s Gardens.

It depends on where you’re from. People from many countries don’t need a visa for short visits to Barbados.

No specific vaccinations are required for Barbados, but it’s good to be up-to-date on routine shots.

The best months to visit Barbados are from December to April when it’s less rainy and not too hot. The worst months are usually from June to November because of the rainy season and the chance of hurricanes.

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Barbados Dollars Fast!

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