Belarusian Rubles

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Travel advise: payments in Belarus

Jet off well-informed to Belarus. Here are some handy facts about cash and card payments in Belarus.

International credit and debit cards can be used for payments without a problem in Minsk and other cities in Belarus. However card payments are not widely accepted in more rural areas of Belarus. Make sure that 3D secure is activated on your card as this is required in Belarus for payments by card.

When paying by card in Belarus, be aware of currency conversion fees and bank fees for card payments abroad. ATM withdrawals in Belarus will also incur costs, including currency conversion fees. Your bank's BYN to GBP exchange rate may be quite bad. This is how banks make money.

Before using your bank card for payments in Belarus it's certainly a good idea to contact your bank. This will avoid your card becoming blocked due to international transactions that your bank may find suspicious or fraudulent.

It's certainly a good idea to take some cash rubles with you on your trip to Belarus, especially if you plan to venture outside Minsk. Even in Minsk you'll need cash for transactions including taxi rides, public transport, bagels from street vendors and for tipping.

We advise to take the rubles you need into Belarus. If you need to purchase more rubles while in Belarus it will be best to take US dollars or Euros with you as well. Many exchange offices in Belarus won't accept other currencies other than US dollars or Euros, or at least not at very good rates.

Cash is a useful fallback option when card payments fail and it also allows you to spend money without incurring card fees or currency conversion fees.

Belarus is one of Europe's cheapest destinations when it comes to the cost of living. Prices in Belarus are on average a staggering 49% lower than prices in the UK.

For a coffee in a cafe in Minsk you'll pay around 3.50 BYN. The price of a three-course meal per person is around 40 BYN.

Most restaurants in Belarus don't charge a service fee on the bill. Tipping in Belarus is very much in line with the standard tipping rules in Europe: a 10% tip is mostly paid when the service was good.

You should leave the tip in cash, even when you pay the bill by card.

Banknotes in Belarus

The Belarusian Ruble was reformed in 2016. The Second Ruble (BYR) was discontinued and the Third Ruble (BYN) was introduced at a rate of 1 new ruble for 10,000 old rubles, dropping four zeroes from the banknotes.

Make sure that you only accept Belarusian Ruble banknotes dated 2009 and later. The banknotes dated 2009 were issued from 2016. The newest series of ruble notes are dated 2019 and have a similar design to the 2009 notes, circulating alongside each other.

Make sure not to accept the old Ruble notes because they are worth 1/10,000 of the new ruble notes. Old ruble notes are those dated 2000 and earlier. These older notes are no longer accepted for payments and we don't exchange them.

The BYN banknotes in use in Belarus today are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 rubles.

Coins in Belarus

Belarusian coins range from 1 kopek (0.01 BYN) to 5 rubles. There are 100 kopeks into 1 ruble. The 2 rubles coin is bi-metallic and you'll find it great for tipping.

Belarus' currency import and export regulations

There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign or domestic currency you can import or export in and out of Belarus. You should make a declaration if you bring more than $10,000 USD or equivalent into Belarus. Foreign banknotes and coins must be exported within 2 months after import into Belarus.

Ordering Belarusian Rubles online

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Selling back Belarusian Rubles

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