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Scenic village in Fall. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Bulgarian travel money 

Are you looking forward to soaking in Bulgaria’s beauty or delving into its rich culture? We’ve got essential tips on using Bulgarian lev currency and cards in Bulgaria to help you out.

Where can I get Bulgarian lev?

Look no further than Manor FX. 

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Houses by the sea Sozopol - Bulgaria

Can I buy Bulgarian lev in the UK

Yes, getting Bulgarian lev in the UK is a breeze with Manor FX. 

We offer competitive rates for your British pound to Bulgarian lev exchange. Enjoy a seamless experience, ensuring you can fully enjoy your Bulgarian holiday.

What currency does Bulgaria use?

Bulgaria’s official currency is the Bulgarian lev. The currency code is BGN, and when you’re in Bulgaria, you’ll hear the term “lev” used. It’s good to know that both terms refer to the same currency. You’ll also hear “Bulgarian leva” used; leva is the plural of lev.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Bulgaria?

Exchanging money before your trip is an intelligent move. Having Bulgarian lev on hand means you’ll be set from the moment you arrive. 

Airport and tourist area exchanges usually offer less value for your money. Arranging your currency exchange with us beforehand will secure a better rate and stretch your budget further.

Bulgarian folk clothing

What’s the best currency to use in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian lev is the go-to currency for transactions in Bulgaria. While some places might accept euros, it’s not widespread, and you could face poor exchange rates. To avoid any issues, stick with Bulgarian lev.

Can I use Euros in Bulgaria?

Though the Bulgarian lev is the official currency, some places, especially tourist spots and hotels, might accept euros. However, to get the best value, it’s advisable to pay in Bulgarian lev.

Why doesn’t Bulgaria use the euro?

Bulgaria hasn’t adopted the euro yet because it hasn’t yet met all the conditions the European Union set for adopting the currency. 

Bulgaria is working towards meeting these criteria, but until it does, the Bulgarian lev remains its official currency. 

Rila, Seven rila seas, Bulgaria

Do I need cash in Bulgaria?

Yes. While cards are widely accepted for larger purchases, having Bulgarian lev cash is essential for smaller transactions and in areas where card payments aren’t as common. 

Major establishments in Bulgaria accept international credit cards, and contactless payments are becoming more common. However, be mindful of potential fees and less favourable exchange rates from your bank.

Is it better to use cash or debit card in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, having both cash and a debit card is good. Use cash for small buys like snacks and bus tickets. For bigger things, a debit card is handy. This way, you’re ready for anything!

Is Bulgaria a cheap country to visit?

Bulgaria is quite affordable, with options to suit all budgets. From local eats to public transport and attractions, you can enjoy a rich experience without spending a fortune.

Food in a mountain hut located near Pamporovo in Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria.

How much lev should I take to Bulgaria?

For a week in Bulgaria, here’s a rough guide:

Budget travel:

  • GBP: £200-£300
  • Bulgarian Lev: Around 460-690 BGN
  • Activities: Exploring local markets, visiting free museums, and enjoying nature parks.

Mid-range travel:

  • GBP: £400-£700
  • Bulgarian Lev: Around 920-1,610 BGN
  • Activities: Dining in nice restaurants, visiting popular attractions with entry fees, and some guided tours.

Luxury travel:

  • GBP: £800+
  • Bulgarian Lev: 1,840+ BGN
  • Activities: Staying in high-end hotels, fine dining, spa treatments, and private tours.

Remember, these are just estimates. The actual amount could vary based on your spending habits and the activities you choose. It’s always good to have a mix of cash and a card.

How can I avoid ATM withdrawal fees in Bulgaria?

To minimise fees, use ATMs from reputable banks and withdraw larger amounts less frequently. Check if your bank has partnerships with Bulgarian banks to save on withdrawal costs.

What is the average tip in Bulgaria?

Tipping is appreciated for good service in Bulgaria, with 10% being standard in restaurants. A little extra for taxi drivers and hotel staff is also a kind gesture.

a small town surrounded by trees and mountains - Plovdiv

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Bulgarian currency

Bulgarian lev banknotes

Bulgarian lev notes are like little pieces of art, each telling a story of the country’s history and culture. 

The leva banknotes come in various denominations, such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Bulgarian lev, making it easy to handle all sorts of transactions. 

Bright colours and unique designs on each note help you quickly distinguish them, blending practicality with a peek into Bulgaria’s rich heritage.

Bulgarian Lev banknotes

Bulgarian lev coins

Bulgarian coins are tiny treasures, each with its unique design reflecting the country’s history and values. 

They come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 stotinki, with 100 stotinki equaling 1 Bulgarian lev. These coins vary in size and design, making it easy to distinguish between them. 

Carrying these coins is like holding a piece of Bulgaria’s rich culture right in your pocket. They are useful for everything from buying a quick snack to catching a local bus.

Looking for the best Bulgarian lev exchange rate? Manor FX offers competitive rates to ensure you get the most value for your pound to Bulgarian lev conversion.

bulgarian lev coins

Bulgaria’s currency import and export regulations

In Bulgaria, you can bring in and take out money without many restrictions. If you’re carrying cash that’s worth more than 10,000 euros (or the equivalent in another currency, including the Bulgarian lev), you just need to declare it at customs. 

Order Bulgarian lev online

Exchange your British pounds to Bulgarian lev with us for a hassle-free experience. Get your Bulgarian travel money delivered in 24 hours or the next working day.

Alternatively, pop into our travel money outlet near Heathrow to get your Bulgarian lev directly.

Select the payment option that best suits you. For online orders, you can use a bank transfer or a debit card. If you prefer, you can pay with cash, credit, or debit card at pickup.

Sell Bulgarian lev

If you want to convert Bulgarian lev to GBP, simply follow this link to convert Bulgarian lev to British pounds. Click on ‘sell currency’ and choose ‘BGN Bulgarian lev’. We offer competitive foreign exchange rates.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria


Yes, many people speak English in Bulgaria, especially the younger folks and those in tourist areas. So, you’ll often find it easy to communicate in English there.

Whether you need a visa for Bulgaria depends on where you’re from. You usually don’t need one for short visits if you’re from the EU, the US, or Canada. Always check the latest rules before you go, as they can change.

No special vaccinations are required for Bulgaria. But it’s a good idea to be current on routine shots like measles and flu. Check with a health professional before your trip for the latest advice.

The cheapest month to visit Bulgaria is usually March. It’s before the busy summer season, so you can find better deals on flights and hotels.

Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful Black Sea beaches, rich history with ancient ruins and castles, and the stunning Rila Monastery. It’s also known for its rose oil production and vibrant folklore traditions.

Bulgarians enjoy a variety of tasty dishes. Here are the top 5:

  1. Banitsa – A flaky pastry filled with cheese, eggs, and sometimes spinach.
  2. Shopska Salata – A fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and topped with grated white cheese.
  3. Kebapche – Grilled minced meat shaped like small sausages, seasoned with spices.
  4. Moussaka – A baked dish with layers of potatoes, minced meat, and a topping of yoghurt and eggs.
  5. Tarator – A cold cucumber soup with yoghurt, garlic, dill, and walnuts, perfect for hot days.

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