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View of colorful old town in Prague taken from Charles bridge, Czech Republic

Heading to the Czech Republic?

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Czech travel money

Dreaming of wandering through Prague’s historic streets or savouring Czech cuisine? We’ve got crucial travel tips about the money in the Czech Republic and how to use cash and cards.

Where can I buy koruna?

Buy your Czech koruna with Manor FX before your trip to avoid any hassle. 

Finding where to buy CZK currency can seem daunting, but we’re here to assist. Our doorstep delivery service makes getting your travel money straightforward.

You can buy CZK online with us at fantastic rates, avoiding the high airport fees.

Alternatively, collect your Czech koruna at our Manor FX foreign exchange bureau near Heathrow for excellent rates and convenient pickup.

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View of the Lesser Bridge Tower (Little Quarter Bridge Tower) of Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), Prague, the Czech Republic.

Can you buy Czech koruna in the UK?

Yes, buying Czech travel money in the UK is easy. The best place to get it is at a currency exchange like Manor FX. 

We offer great rates and a hassle-free experience. Securing your koruna before you depart means one less worry, so you can focus on enjoying your Czech trip.

Is the Czech koruna the same as the Czech crown?

Yes, the Czech koruna is the same as the Czech crown. “Koruna” means “crown” in Czech, so when you hear either term, they’re talking about the same currency used in the Czech Republic.

Exchange your British pounds for Czech crowns with us for a hassle-free. 

If you’ve got money left over from your travels, we can help you turn your Czech crowns to pounds with us to secure the best rate.

Should I exchange money before going to the Czech Republic?

Definitely, converting Czech money to pounds before heading to the Czech Republic is a wise choice. Having Czech koruna on arrival makes for a smooth start to your adventure.

Rates at airports and tourist areas are often less favourable, so you’d get less value for your money if you don’t exchange your currency before you go.

By sorting your currency with Manor FX before leaving, you’ll lock in a better exchange rate and stretch your budget further.

Pancavsky waterfall in Krkonose mountain - Czech republic

What is the best Czech koruna exchange rate?

The Czech koruna is the official currency of the Czech Republic. It’s the main currency for transactions. While euros might be accepted in some places, sticking with koruna is better to avoid poor exchange rates.

If you have leftover koruna after your trip, we offer a tremendous Czech koruna to sterling rate at Manor FX.

What is the best currency to take to Prague?

The best currency to take to Prague is the Czech koruna (CZK). It’s the official currency, and you’ll find it the most accepted for everyday transactions. While some places might accept euros, relying on korunas is more practical and often gives you a better value.

Can I use euros in the Czech Republic?

You don’t need to bring euros to the Czech Republic. The Czech koruna is the official currency, but euros might be accepted in tourist areas and for certain activities.

You might see prices in euros in Prague’s tourist hubs, but be cautious – the exchange rates can be high. The smart choice? Always pay in koruna to get the best deals.

For smaller purchases outside major tourist areas, having koruna is more convenient. This avoids any exchange rate issues.

In general, for simplicity and savings, stick with koruna.

Scenic spring sunset aerial view of the Old Town pier architecture and Charles Bridge over Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic

Can I use my debit or credit card in the Czech Republic?

Yes, many places in the Czech Republic accept international card payments. Big hotels, top shops, large malls, and prominent supermarkets welcome international credit and debit cards.

The Czech Republic is embracing contactless payments. Keep your eye out for the contactless symbol, which means that you can tap your card for small purchases. For bigger amounts, you’ll need your PIN.

Just a heads-up: Watch out for currency conversion fees and bank charges. The rate your bank offers for Czech koruna might not be the best, as banks often add their own fees.

Is it better to use cash or card in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic still appreciates cash, especially for small buys like street food, local transport, or market souvenirs.

Cash transactions are usually quicker and easier, as some smaller sellers and countryside shops might not take cards. However, having a card as a backup for more extensive costs or emergencies is wise.

Overall, a mix of cash and card works best in the Czech Republic. Use cash for small daily purchases and a card for bigger spending, just in case.

At Manor FX, we give you the best rate for Czech koruna, so remember to exchange any leftover currency when you’re back.

Is the Czech Republic a budget-friendly destination?

Absolutely, the Czech Republic suits all wallets. Local eats and transport are affordable, and there are many free or cheap attractions. With smart planning, you can have a brilliant time without breaking the bank.

Blonde woman with hat and backback near famous clock in Prague, Czech Republic

How much cash will I need in the Czech Republic?

When planning a trip to the Czech Republic, how much cash you’ll need can vary depending on what you want to do and your spending habits. Here’s a breakdown for different budgets:

Budget travellers

  • GBP: Around £250 to £300
  • Czech Koruna: Roughly 7,000 CZK to 8,400 CZK

For budget travellers, this should cover hostel stays, public transport, cheap eats, and some entry fees for attractions.

Mid-range travellers

  • GBP: About £350 to £500
  • Czech Koruna: Approximately 9,800 CZK to 14,000 CZK

This budget is more suitable if you prefer private rooms, dining out at mid-range restaurants, and more paid attractions.

Luxury travellers

  • GBP: From £600 upwards
  • Czech Koruna: Starting from 16,800 CZK

You’ll need a higher budget for those wanting to stay in nicer hotels, enjoy fine dining, and indulge in experiences like guided tours.

Remember, these are just estimates. It’s always a good idea to bring a bit extra, just in case, and keep in mind that having both cash and a card is the most convenient.

How can I avoid ATM fees in the Czech Republic?

Pick ATMs from well-known banks to keep fees low and withdraw bigger sums less often to cut down on charges.

See if your bank has agreements with Czech banks for fee-free ATM use. 

Or, order Czech koruna from us beforehand to dodge ATM worries altogether. 

Do you tip in the Czech Republic?

Tipping for good service is appreciated. 10% is usually expected in restaurants. A little extra for taxis and hotel staff is always a nice gesture.

Golden Lane, Prague castle, Czech republic

Buy your koruna now

Czech Republic currency

Banknotes in the Czech Republic

Czech koruna notes come in 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 denominations. Each note features unique colours and designs, making them easy to recognise.

The front side of these koruna bills typically displays important Czech figures, symbols, or landmarks.

The back side celebrates the Czech Republic’s cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and scientific feats, mirroring the nation’s pride and values.

Czech Koruna banknote series

Coins in the Czech Republic

Czech coins include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 koruna denominations. Each coin has a distinctive size and design, showcasing Czech culture, history, and iconic symbols. The 10 koruna coin, for instance, proudly bears the Czech lion on the other side.

Czech Koruna coin series

Czech currency import and export rules

You can bring in and take out up to CZK 350,000 per person. There’s no limit on foreign currency. You just have to declare amounts over a certain threshold.

Buy Czech koruna online

Switch your British pounds to Czech koruna with us for a great deal and speedy delivery to your door. 

Or visit our travel money shop near Heathrow and get the best exchange rate for Czech koruna.

Pick your payment method. Pay by bank transfer, debit card or pay on collection.

Selling back Czech koruna

Need to convert leftover Czech koruna to British pounds? Get the best CZK exchange rate.

Convert Czech koruna to British pounds sterling with us for a top rate, ensuring you get the most from your Czech currency to GBP exchange.

Traditional Czech food served hot in a pan in a restaurant


In Prague, don’t miss out on these highlights:

  1. Prague Castle: Explore this historic castle complex, offering stunning views and rich history.
  2. Charles Bridge: Stroll across this iconic bridge, which is especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset.
  3. Old Town Square: See the Astronomical Clock and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
  4. John Lennon Wall: Check out this graffiti-filled wall, a symbol of peace and love.
  5. Prague’s Cafés: Experience the city’s café culture, which is perfect for people-watching.
  6. Vltava River Cruise: Take a boat tour to get a different city view.
  7. Petrin Hill: For great city views, walk or take the funicular up.
  8. Czech Cuisine: Don’t leave without trying traditional dishes like goulash or trdelník.

Each spot offers a unique slice of Prague’s charm and history.

Whether you need a visa for the Czech Republic depends on where you’re from. You usually don’t need one for short trips if you’re from the EU, USA, or Canada. Always check the latest rules before you go, as they can change.

For the Czech Republic, you don’t usually need special vaccinations. Just make sure your routine shots, like measles and tetanus, are up to date. Always check with a doctor before you travel to get the latest advice.

The best time to visit the Czech Republic is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October). These months offer mild weather, fewer crowds, and the country’s natural beauty in full bloom or the vibrant autumn colours. Plus, you can enjoy outdoor activities and festivals comfortably.

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