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Fiji travel money

Arrive in Fiji fully prepped! Here’s what you need to know about using cash and cards in Fiji.

What is the Fiji dollar?

The Fiji dollar is the official currency of Fiji, a breathtaking archipelago in the South Pacific. FJD is its abbreviation, and it’s the primary currency in this idyllic location. 

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Robinson Crusoe island's dance group performs traditional Meke dance at Dancing Spectacular

Where is the Fiji dollar used?

The Fiji dollar is the currency across Fiji’s stunning islands. Despite being a unique currency, it’s closely monitored against major currencies like the GBP and USD.

Having some Fiji dollars in your wallet is essential when visiting this spectacular destination! Swiftly convert GBP to Fiji dollars now.

Where can I buy Fijian dollars?

Fiji dollars are less common in the UK compared to major currencies. 

Here’s where you can get them:

  • Currency exchange offices. Specialist bureaux de change like ours in Datchet near Heathrow. We offer a range of foreign currencies, including the Fiji dollar.
  • Online currency exchange services. Platforms like ours offer a convenient way to order foreign currency, including Fiji dollars. We’ve got options for home delivery and competitive rates.
  • Airport currency exchange. While available at major UK airports, be wary of less favourable rates.
  • Travel agencies. Some offer foreign exchange services.

Always compare rates and fees for the best value. Or simply choose Manor FX for the best exchange rates guaranteed and more Fiji money to spend.

Where can I buy Fijian dollars in the UK?

At Manor FX. We’ve got you covered. We’re the best place to buy Fiji dollars ahead of your journey. 

This currency might not be as readily available as others, so rely on specialists like us for your needs.

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Traditional houses of Navala village, Viti Levu island, Fiji

Should I exchange money before I travel to Fiji?

Yes, it’s wise to exchange money before travelling to Fiji. Here’s why:

  • Arriving with local currency is convenient for immediate expenses like transport and meals.
  • Get the best exchange rate for Fiji dollars, better than at airports or tourist spots in Fiji.
  • Exchanging in advance saves time, avoiding queues at popular tourist areas.
  • For emergencies, having local currency is invaluable.

You can also use ATMs in Fiji to withdraw local currency, but inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid card issues.

What is the best currency to take to Fiji?

The best currency to bring is the Fiji dollar. Here’s why:

  • It’s the official currency and widely accepted.
  • Using local currency avoids conversion fees and poor exchange rates.
  • Paying with Fiji dollars immerses you in the local culture and economy.

While carrying Fiji dollars is advisable, having a credit or debit card as a backup for larger expenses is smart.

Does Fiji accept debit cards?

Yes, debit and credit cards are widely accepted in Fiji. Especially on larger islands like Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Keep these tips in mind when using your card in Fiji:

  • Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid card issues.
  • Pay in the local currency (Fiji dollars) rather than GBP to avoid poor exchange rates.
  • ATMs are available for cash withdrawals.
  • Check for foreign transaction or ATM withdrawal fees with your bank.
  • Know your card’s PIN, especially for ATM transactions.

In more remote areas, cash is king, so having Fiji dollars on hand is wise.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Hindu Temple in Nadi, Fiji

Should I take cash to Fiji?

Yes, bringing Fiji dollar cash is practical for:

  • Local market purchases
  • Taxi fares
  • Tips
  • Remote area transactions
  • Emergency funds

Is Fiji expensive?

Fiji can be pricey but offers unparalleled beauty. Budgeting and off-peak travel can help manage costs. Expect to pay around FJD 10 (£4.40) for a coffee and about FJD 130 (£57) for a three-course meal.

How much money do I need for a week in Fiji?

For a week in Fiji, the amount of money you’ll need depends on your travel style. Here’s a rough guide:

Budget travellers:

  • Daily: Aim for about FJD 100-150 (£40-60). This covers basic accommodation, local meals, and public transport.
  • Total for a week: Around FJD 700-1,050 (£280-420). This includes some modest activities.

Mid-range travellers:

  • Daily: Budget around FJD 200-350 (£80-140). This allows for comfortable accommodation, dining at nicer restaurants, and participating in several activities.
  • Total for a week: Approximately FJD 1,400-2,450 (£560-980). You’ll have a comfortable time away with room for various experiences.

Luxury travellers:

  • Daily: Expect to spend FJD 500-1,000 (£200-400) or more. This includes luxury resorts, fine dining, private tours, and spa treatments.
  • Total for a week: At least FJD 3,500-7,000 (£1,400-2,800) for a lavish experience.

These estimates can vary based on personal preferences, travel habits, and changes in prices. It’s always good to have a little extra for unexpected expenses!

Young woman walking on suspension bridge over Wainibau stream, Lavena Coastal Walk, Taveuni Island, Fiji.

Is it better to use cash or card in Fiji?

In Fiji, using a combination of cash and card is usually the best approach. 


Having Fiji dollars in cash is essential for smaller purchases, local markets, and areas where card payments aren’t accepted. It’s also handy for taxi fares and tipping.


Using a card is convenient and secure for more significant expenses, such as hotel bills or activities. Most established businesses in tourist areas accept cards.

Remember, having some cash as a backup is always good. Especially when travelling to more remote islands or rural areas in Fiji.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Fiji?

To avoid ATM fees:

  • Carry enough cash, especially for remote areas.
  • Exchange some currency before your trip.
  • Withdraw larger amounts less frequently.
  • Use your card for bigger expenses.
  • Use ATMs from major banks for lower fees.

Tipping in Fiji:

Tipping isn’t mandatory but appreciated for exceptional service:

  • Restaurants: 10% extra for excellent service.
  • Hotels: Tip housekeeping and porters around 200-500 FJD daily.
  • Tours: 500-1000 FJD per person is polite.
  • Transport: Round up taxi fares or offer a small tip.
  • Spa: 10% of the service cost.

Tipping is about showing appreciation and respecting local customs.

Kokoda, coconut milk ceviche, Fijian cuisine

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Fijian dollar currency

Fijian dollar banknotes

Fiji’s banknotes come in various denominations, showcasing local culture and nature. They include 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 FJD denominations, each with unique designs and colours.

Fijian Dollar banknotes

Fiji dollar coins

Fiji’s coin denominations include 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, and 1 and 2 FJD. These coins feature distinct designs reflecting Fiji’s rich cultural heritage.

Currency import and export regulations in Fiji

Currency regulations in Fiji are straightforward. You must declare if you are entering or leaving with more than FJD 10,000 or equivalent. Check current regulations before travel.

Buy Fiji dollars online

Order Fiji dollars online with us for quick and secure delivery to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can collect them from our travel money shop near Heathrow. 

Selling back Fiji dollars

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UK citizens do not need a visa for short stays in Fiji. British passport holders can enter Fiji as tourists for up to four months without a visa. 

However, checking the latest visa requirements before travelling is always a good idea, as immigration rules can change.

Before travelling to Fiji, it’s wise to be up-to-date with routine vaccinations. These include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella (chickenpox), polio, and your yearly flu shot.

Additionally, hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are recommended for most travellers to Fiji. These diseases can be contracted through contaminated food or water in Fiji, regardless of where you are staying or what you’re eating.

Consult with a doctor a few weeks before your trip. They can give you the most current advice and any additional vaccines based on your health history and travel plans.

The best time to visit Fiji is during its dry season, which runs from May to October. You’ll enjoy lower rainfall, more sunshine, and milder temperatures during these months. This weather is perfect for beach activities, snorkelling, and exploring the islands.

July to September is particularly popular because it’s cooler and less humid. However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect more crowds and higher prices.

Consider May, June, or late October if you prefer quieter travel. You’ll still get good weather but with fewer tourists and potentially lower costs. Fiji’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always good to be prepared for some rain, even during the dry season.

The cheapest months to visit Fiji are usually during the wet season, from November to April. During this time, you’ll find lower prices for flights and accommodation as it’s off-peak season. The wet season is characterised by higher humidity and heavier rainfall, especially from December to March.

If you’re looking for a balance between good weather and lower costs, consider travelling during the shoulder months, like late April, early May, or late October. These months often have fewer tourists and more moderate weather, making it a great time to enjoy Fiji at a lower cost.

Fiji offers a wealth of activities for all types of travellers. Here are some of the best things to do:

  • Snorkelling and diving. Fiji’s coral reefs are world-renowned. The clear waters offer excellent visibility for exploring vibrant marine life.
  • Beach hopping. With its stunning beaches, lounging on the sand or enjoying water sports is a must. Don’t miss the famous Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands.
  • Visit a traditional Fijian village: Experience Fijian culture first-hand. Many villages welcome visitors for cultural performances and traditional ceremonies.
  • Hiking in the highlands: Fiji’s interior landscapes are breathtaking. Hike through lush rainforests, discover waterfalls, and enjoy panoramic views.
  • Island cruises: Take a day or sunset cruise around the Fijian islands. A relaxing way to see the diverse landscapes and seascapes.
  • Explore Suva: The capital city offers museums, markets, and colonial buildings. A glimpse into Fiji’s history and urban life.
  • Water sports: From kayaking and paddleboarding to jet skiing, Fiji’s clear waters are perfect for water sports enthusiasts.
  • Relax in a spa: Indulge in traditional Fijian spa treatments. Many resorts offer spa services that incorporate local techniques and ingredients.
  • Fiji Museum in Suva: Learn about Fiji’s history and cultural heritage. The museum houses archaeological and historical artefacts.
  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes: Visit this national park for its unique landscape and important archaeological history.

Remember, each island in Fiji offers unique experiences, so explore as much as you can!

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