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Kaieteur Falls. Guyana, Amazon rainforest

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Guyanese travel money

Thinking about exploring the lush rainforests of Guyana? Or maybe you’re planning to visit the stunning Kaieteur Falls? Let’s get you ready with some helpful information about cash and card usage in Guyana.

Where can you get Guyanese dollars?

When converting your pounds to GYD, you should check out your options, as the Guyanese dollar isn’t as widely recognised.

Finding Guyanese currency at the post office or the local exchange bureau takes a lot of work. Why not skip the queues and deliver your travel money straight to your door with Manor FX. 

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Can you buy Guyanese dollars in UK?

Yes, you can get Guyanese dollars in the UK from exchange offices, but for ultimate convenience, consider online currency exchange platforms like Manor FX.

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Should I exchange money before I travel to Guyana?

Absolutely! Exchanging some money into Guyanese dollars before your trip is a wise move.

This way, you can avoid less favourable rates at the airport and have local currency ready for immediate expenses like transport and snacks upon arrival. Exchange your pounds to Guyanese dollars today with Manor FX!

What country uses Guyanese dollars?

The Guyanese dollar is the currency used in Guyana. No other country uses the Guyanese dollar.

What is the best currency to take to Guyana?

Carrying Guyanese dollars (GYD) is your best choice when visiting Guyana. It’s the official currency and is widely accepted.

You can use US dollars in some South American countries, but it’s not guaranteed in Guyana. You could end up paying more than with Guyanese dollars. So, using the local currency is the most practical and economical option.

beautiful sunrise seen from the amazon river with haze

Can I use my bank card in Guyana?

Yes! Using your debit card in Guyana is a convenient way to access funds. Most international hotels and larger shopping areas in major cities like Georgetown accept international credit and debit cards.

But remember: Some British banks might charge fees for international card usage, and their exchange rates for converting Guyanese dollars to GBP might not be better.

Contacting your bank before using your card in Guyana is a good idea to avoid surprises.

Should I use cash in Guyana?

Yes. While credit and debit cards are definitely accepted in urban areas, cash is king in many places in Guyana.

Cash is crucial for transactions with taxi drivers, street vendors, and tour guides, who often prefer cash payments. So, carry enough notes and coins for these cash-only moments.

Remember to convert your Guyanese dollars to pound sterling when you return from your travels.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Guyana?

A mix of both cash and card is wise in Guyana. Here’s why:

Using card:

  • In urban areas: Card is handy in Georgetown and other cities, especially at restaurants, hotels, and bigger stores.
  • Security: Cards are a secure way to carry money.

Using cash:

  • Rural areas and smaller vendors: Cash is often the only option in rural areas and with smaller vendors or local eateries.
  • Transportation: Many taxi drivers prefer cash, particularly in less urbanised areas.
  • Emergency: Cash is a reliable backup when ATMs are scarce.
Young traveller is walking along a jungle stream in the amazon forest.

How much cash should I take to Guyana?

Let’s talk about dining and travelling in Guyana with an eye on the budget!

Travelling on a tight budget? No worries! Staying in hostels and choosing affordable dining options, you can get by with about 14,788 to 17,312 GYD daily. That’s approximately 56 to 66 GBP.

Fancy a bit more comfort, like a 3-star hotel stay and meals at excellent restaurants? Then, plan for a daily budget of about 32,476 to 40,423 GYD. This translates to roughly 123 to 154 GBP.

When it comes to eating out, the prices vary quite a bit. It all depends on the restaurant’s style, location, and even the time of day. For a nice meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, you’re looking at around 10,287 GYD, about 39 GBP.

But if you’re looking to save, there are plenty of budget-friendly spots to grab a meal for as little as 1,490 GYD, roughly 6 GBP.

So, whether you’re on a budget or splurging a bit, Guyana has something for everyone. 

How can I avoid ATM fees in Guyana?

Dodging ATM fees in Guyana can help you save for your adventures. Here are some tips:

  • Use ATMs from major banks: Look for ATMs from well-known banks, as they often have lower or no fees for international transactions.
  • Withdraw larger amounts: Take out more cash at once to reduce frequent withdrawal fees.
  • Check with your bank: Before leaving, see if your bank has any partnerships with banks in Guyana for free withdrawals.
  • Travel prepaid cards: Consider these for lower fees compared to regular cards.
  • Currency exchange offices: Exchange some currency before your trip at Manor FX for great rates and convenient home delivery.
  • Research local banks: Find local banks in Guyana that might have tie-ups with your home bank.

How does tipping work in Guyana?

Tipping, or “gorjeta,” is common in Guyana but not mandatory. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Restaurants: A 10% tip of the total bill is typical. Check for included service charges.
  • Bars: Leaving small change or rounding up the bill is expected.
  • Taxis: Rounding up the fare is appreciated. Extra tips are nice for exceptional service.
  • Hotels: A tip of 500-1,000 GYD (£2-£4) for hotel staff is standard.
  • Tour guides and drivers: Tipping your guide to show appreciation is polite.
Golden handed Tamarin. Tamarin Saguinus midas sitting on branch.

Is it cheap to travel to Guyana?

Yes, Guyana can be quite budget-friendly. 

When it comes to accommodation, you’ve got a range of options. From budget-friendly guesthouses to more affordable hotels, you can find places to stay that won’t break the bank. These often include lovely local touches that add to your experience.

For food, you’re in for a treat. Guyana’s local cuisine is delicious and reasonably priced, especially if you eat at local eateries or street food stalls. You can enjoy a variety of dishes rich in flavours without spending too much.

Transportation in Guyana is also quite economical. The local minibuses are an affordable way to get around, and they offer a real taste of local life. Riverboats and internal flights are available for longer distances, though it’s good to book these in advance for the best deals.

Activities and sightseeing can be done on a budget, too. Many of Guyana’s natural attractions, like its rainforests and waterfalls, are free to visit or have a small entrance fee. 

Local guides offer tours at reasonable rates, allowing you to explore the country’s beauty without a hefty price tag.

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Guyanese Currency

Banknotes in Guyana

The Bank of Guyana issues the current Guyanese banknotes, and they come in several denominations, each featuring unique designs. These include the $20, $100, $500, $1,000 and the $5,000 Guyanese dollar note.

These banknotes are not just currency; they’re like little art pieces. They showcase Guyana’s incredible wildlife and landscapes.

Coins in Guyana

Guyana’s coins are not just pocket change; they’re little snapshots of the country’s rich culture and natural beauty. 

These coins are special because they often feature designs reflecting Guyana’s wildlife and landscapes.

And remember, while you’re exploring Guyana’s vibrant streets and lush landscapes, having a mix of these coins is super handy. They’re perfect for those smaller transactions where cash is king!

Guyana’s currency import and export regulations

if you’re heading to Guyana, there are no strict rules on bringing in or taking out money. However, just a heads-up, if you’re carrying $10,000 USD or more in cash, you’ll need to declare it.

Ordering Guyanese dollars online

The best way to buy Guyanese dollars is online with Manor FX!

Order your Guyanese Dollars online for fast and secure delivery to your home or office. Or, pick them up from our shop near Heathrow. 

Selling back Guyanese dollars

Got Guyanese dollars to sell? Easy! Click this link, choose ‘sell currency’, and select ‘GYD Guyanese dollar’ to exchange them for pounds. We offer great rates for your leftover Guyanese dollars.

Giant waterlily, the national flower of Guyana.


If you’re travelling from the UK to Guyana, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need a visa for stays up to 90 days.

Quick reminder: make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date in Guyana. 

It’s recommended to have vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. Also, consider boosters for Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Polio. 

Don’t forget malaria prevention is important too. Chat with your doctor or a travel clinic to get all set.

The ideal time to visit Guyana varies based on the experiences you seek.

The period from September to April is ideal for visiting Guyana. This time is known as the dry season, which means less rain and more sunny days. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking through the rainforest, visiting the Kaieteur Falls, or exploring the Rupununi Savannahs.

Wildlife spotting is also at its best during these months. The dryer conditions make it easier to see animals like jaguars, giant river otters, and various bird species in their natural habitats.

Also, this season is great for cultural festivals and events, giving you a taste of Guyana’s vibrant local traditions and customs.

If you’re into birdwatching, October to December is a real treat. Guyana’s bird life is rich and varied, and you’ll have a good chance of spotting some exotic species.

Remember, the peak tourist season is around December and January, so booking in advance is smart!

In Guyana, they speak English! It’s the official language, so you’ll find it easy to communicate during your travels. Guyanese Creole or Creolese (an English-based Creole with African, Indian, and Amerindian syntax) is also widely spoken.

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