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Heading to Hong Kong?

Grab the top rates for Hong Kong currency online

Ensure you get the best Hong Kong dollar exchange rate with Manor FX. Kick off your travel adventure with confidence by securing the best deals on Hong Kong dollars (HKD).

Planning to take in the stunning skyline from Victoria Peak or wander through the bustling markets of Mong Kok? Manor FX has your back. 

Choose the ease of having your Hong Kong dollars delivered right to your doorstep or office. Or, if you prefer, pick them up from our bureau near Heathrow.

Trust in Manor FX for quick delivery and a straightforward online ordering process. You’ll be thrilled with our unbeatable exchange of Hong Kong dollars to sterling rates.

Hong Kong travel money

Are you geared up for your journey to Hong Kong? Here’s what you need to know about managing your finances in this bustling metropolis.

Where can you get Hong Kong dollars?

Looking for the best place to purchase Hong Kong dollars? You have plenty of options:

  • High street banks: Convenient but might not offer the best value.
  • Airport kiosks: Extremely accessible, yet watch out for high fees.
  • Local foreign exchange bureaus: Good rates are possible here. Manor FX, located near Heathrow in Datchet, skips the service fees.
  • Online currency exchanges: Often the best rates. Manor FX ups the ante with free delivery for orders over £750 and offers next-day delivery. Buy your Hong Kong dollars online or in-store and receive the same great benefits.

Count on Manor FX for all your Hong Kong travel money needs. We guarantee great deals and the best Hong Kong dollar exchange rate. 

Can you buy Hong Kong dollars in the UK?

Yes, indeed! Hong Kong dollars are available right here in the UK through Manor FX. Our online service makes it easy to get the Hong Kong currency you need for your trip.

Enjoy our exceptional rates for pounds sterling to Hong Kong dollars and extend your travel budget.

Plus, we offer free delivery for orders over £750. Transform your GBP to Hong Kong dollar exchange into a smooth, trouble-free experience for your holiday.

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Kowloon, Hong Kong

Should I exchange money before I travel to Hong Kong?

Exchanging money before heading to Hong Kong is a wise decision. Having Hong Kong dollars in your pocket upon arrival means you can effortlessly cover initial expenses like transport from the airport and your first meals.

So convert your English pounds to Hong Kong dollars today with Manor FX!

What is the best currency to bring to Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong dollar is the official currency and your best choice. Some places might accept major foreign currencies, but using HKD is usually easier and more cost-effective.

Can I use my bank card in Hong Kong?

Certainly, you can use your bank card in Hong Kong. However, it’s smart to have a mix of cash and card. Smaller places and market stalls prefer cash, while large shops and restaurants gladly accept cards.

Tip: Always inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any card issues while abroad.

Should I bring cash to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is increasingly adopting cashless payments, but cash is still useful for smaller transactions. ATMs are widespread, so getting cash when you need it is easy.

Maintaining a balance of cash and card payments is wise in Hong Kong. Use cash for minor purchases and save the card for bigger spends.

Manor FX can convert your leftover HKD back to pounds sterling if you have surplus Hong Kong dollars after your trip.

Evening market in Hong Kong.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Hong Kong?

Most shops, restaurants, and attractions in Hong Kong accept credit and debit cards. However, it’s advisable to have cash for smaller buys and places that don’t take cards.

How much cash should I take to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong might not be the cheapest destination, but its vast diversity means there’s something for everyone, regardless of budget or taste!

Here are different budget levels to give you an idea of what you might spend:

If you’re backpacking, expect to spend about 315-475 HKD (£32-£48). This budget works if you’re bunking in hostels, using public transport, and sticking to low-cost activities like museum visits.

With a mid-range budget of 785-1,215 HKD (£80-£123) daily, you can enjoy stays in modest hotels, bus travel, convenient fast food, and a few extra adventures.

For those looking to indulge in luxury, 2,650 HKD (£269) a day will cover upscale hotels, private drivers or rideshares, guided tours, and dining out for every meal.

In short, Hong Kong welcomes everyone, no matter your budget. Whether you’re keeping costs low or treating yourself, you’ll find plenty to love about this dynamic city.

The interior of the Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong, with incense offer.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Hong Kong?

To avoid ATM fees in Hong Kong:

  • See if your bank has partnerships with banks in Hong Kong for fee-free withdrawals.
  • Withdraw larger sums less often to reduce transaction fees.
  • Look for ATMs with lower fees.

How does tipping work in Hong Kong?

Tipping in Hong Kong is straightforward. Usually, you don’t need to tip at restaurants as a 10% service charge is often added to your bill. It’s all taken care of, making it simple to enjoy the service without worrying about tipping.

Is Hong Kong an expensive city? 

Hong Kong presents a mix of costs. It’s known for being pricier than other Southeast Asian destinations.

However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Hong Kong on a budget. You can savour delicious meals at local eateries for a few pounds, visit stunning parks for free, and navigate the city easily with public transport.

While Hong Kong has costly aspects, you’ll find many opportunities to make your visit more economical.

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Hong Kong Currency

Banknotes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong dollar notes feature various series, each with its own theme. To boost security and durability, Hong Kong has been issuing polymer notes.

Available in denominations including 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 HKD, each note showcases designs that celebrate the city’s culture and achievements.

Hong Kong dollar banknote series

Coins in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s coins come in several denominations, including 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2, $5, and $10. All the coins showcase the Bauhinia flower, symbolising Hong Kong’s natural beauty.

Hong Kong Dollar coins

Hong Kong’s currency import and export regulations

You can bring any amount of Hong Kong currency, including coins and banknotes, as you enter or leave. However, you must declare it if you carry more than HK$120,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currency). 

Ordering Hong Kong dollars online

Get the best pound to Hong Kong dollar rates with Manor FX. Buy HKD online for secure and prompt delivery to your home or office. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® for your peace of mind.

Alternatively, click and collect your HKD from our travel money bureau near Heathrow. Ready to exchange your British pounds for Hong Kong dollar currency online today? Manor FX makes it straightforward and hassle-free.

Selling back Hong Kong dollars to pounds

Got extra HKD after your trip? Manor FX offers competitive rates to exchange Hong Kong dollars to pound sterling. Simply select ‘Sell currency’ on our website and choose ‘Hong Kong dollars’.

Choose your payment method. You can pay through a bank transfer or upon collection – using cash, credit, or debit card. We ensure a smooth process and excellent rates for your remaining Hong Kong dollar to GBP.

Tourist tram at the peak famous railroad train downtown on forest hill.


You can’t use Hong Kong dollars in mainland China. The official currency in mainland China is the Yuan (also called Renminbi, RMB). 

While Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, its currency is separate.

You’re better off exchanging your money for Yuan before shopping or eating in mainland China. This way, you won’t have any trouble with payments.

UK travellers can visit Hong Kong without a visa for tourism or business trips for up to 180 days. If you plan to work or stay longer, you must apply for a visa. 

It’s wise to check the latest visa requirements with the Hong Kong immigration department before your journey to ensure everything is in order.

There are no specific vaccination requirements for a trip to Hong Kong. However, being up-to-date with your routine vaccinations is always a good idea.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December. This period offers:

  • Comfortable temperatures perfect for city exploration.
  • Sunny days are ideal for outdoor activities, like hiking Dragon’s Back or visiting Disneyland.
  • The chance to experience festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival with its beautiful lantern displays.

March to April is another good pick, providing:

  • Mild weather for leisurely walks through markets and parks.
  • Fewer tourists, making it easier to enjoy attractions like the Peak Tram and Victoria Harbor without the crowds.

Summer is hot and humid, with possible typhoons, so aiming for autumn or spring lets you enjoy Hong Kong’s best activities under pleasant weather conditions.

Hong Kong’s famous dish is dim sum. It’s a collection of small, flavourful dishes like steamed buns, dumplings, and rice noodle rolls. People often enjoy dim sum during yum cha, a traditional tea time. 

Hong Kong is best known for its stunning skyline, vibrant street markets, and delicious dim sum. The city blends modern skyscrapers with traditional temples, creating a unique atmosphere. It’s also famous for shopping, from luxury malls to bustling street markets. 

Don’t forget the beautiful Victoria Harbour, known for its iconic Star Ferry rides and impressive light show at night.

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Hong Kong Dollars Fast!

  • Free home delivery over £750
  • with Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm
  • Better rates than the banks
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