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Kuwait City, Kuwait

Are you heading to Kuwait?

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Kuwaiti dinar travel money

Are you eager to explore Kuwait’s stunning landscapes and cities like Kuwait City and Al Ahmadi? We’ve got your back with essential travel advice on Kuwaiti dinar currency and card payments.

Where to buy Kuwaiti dinar?

Kuwaiti dinars can be purchased at several places, including major banks, post offices, and airport currency exchanges, though they might have higher charges.

Ordering Kuwaiti dinars online from Manor FX is an excellent option for the best KWD exchange rates. It’s quick and straightforward, and you can enjoy superb rates. 

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Marina Mall, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait

Where can I buy Kuwaiti dinars in the UK?

In the UK, online exchange bureaus like Manor FX are your go-to. 

Here, you can order Kuwaiti dinars online and enjoy competitive exchange rates.

Who uses the Kuwaiti dinar?

The Kuwaiti dinar is the official currency of Kuwait. It is the primary means of transactions within the country, from everyday purchases to larger financial dealings.

How many countries use the Kuwaiti dinar?

Just one country uses the Kuwaiti dinar, and that’s Kuwait itself. It’s the official currency there.

Adailiya, Kuwait

Should I exchange money before I travel to Kuwait?

Definitely, changing money before your Kuwait trip is wise. Having Kuwaiti dinars ready when you land immediately removes the hassle of finding a trustworthy exchange service.

Imagine this: you’ll need cash for transport from the airport to your hotel, and you might be peckish after your journey, so grabbing a bite is another early expense. By securing your dinars beforehand, you’re set for these situations. 

If you return with extra dinars, you can convert Kuwaiti dinars to pounds sterling with Manor FX.

What is the best currency to use in Kuwait?

The Kuwaiti dinar is your best bet. It’s widely accepted, helping you avoid extra exchange charges. 

Do they accept dollars in Kuwait?

While the Kuwaiti dinar is the main currency in Kuwait, some larger hotels, shops, and businesses in tourist areas might accept U.S. dollars. However, it’s generally best to use Kuwaiti dinars for everyday transactions to ensure the best exchange rates and wider acceptance.

Traditional Kuwaiti house

Do you need cash in Kuwait?

Yes, having cash in Kuwait is practical, especially for daily transactions and exploring less-trodden paths. These places might not offer card payments or prefer cash deals.

If you have leftover Kuwaiti currency after your travels, remember to convert your Kuwaiti dinar to GBP.

Can I use my bank card in Kuwait?

Yes, you can use your bank card in Kuwait at most places, such as hotels, larger shops, and restaurants, especially in the cities and tourist areas. Inform your bank before you travel to avoid any issues. 

Also, keep in mind that some smaller establishments or local markets might prefer cash, so it’s wise to have some Kuwaiti dinars on hand, too.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, it’s handy to have both cash and a credit card. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, malls, and many restaurants, especially in urban areas. 

However, cash is often preferred or sometimes the only accepted form of payment for smaller shops, local markets, and taxis. 

So, it’s a good idea to carry some Kuwaiti dinars for everyday expenses and use your credit card for larger purchases or in more upscale venues. 

Is Kuwait an expensive country to visit?

Yes, Kuwait can be quite expensive for visitors. Prices for hotels, dining out, and activities are generally high. However, with careful planning and budget management, you can find ways to make your visit more affordable.

kuwait tower

How much cash should I take to Kuwait?

The amount of cash you’ll need for a week in Kuwait depends on your spending habits and planned activities. 

Here’s a breakdown in both British pounds (GBP) and Kuwaiti dinars (KWD):

  • Accommodation: Budget options might cost around £50-£100 per night (15-30 KWD). For mid-range hotels, expect to pay £100-£200 per night (30-60 KWD). Luxury hotels could cost £200+ per night (60+ KWD).
  • Meals: Eating at local restaurants might cost about £5-£15 per meal (1.5-4.5 KWD). Dining at mid-range to upscale restaurants can be £15-£50 per meal (4.5-15 KWD).
  • Transportation: Taxis and public transport might cost around £5-£20 per day (1.5-6 KWD), depending on how much you travel within the city.
  • Sightseeing and activities: Entrance fees to museums, parks, and attractions can vary widely, but budget around £10-£50 (3-15 KWD) per day for activities.
  • Miscellaneous: Set aside some cash for shopping, souvenirs, or unexpected expenses, say around £50-£100 (15-30 KWD) for the week.

For a modest budget, you might need around £560-£980 (170-300 KWD) for the week. 

For a more comfortable or luxurious trip, you could spend upwards of £1,400-£2,800+ (430-850+ KWD). 

Remember, these are estimates, and actual spending can vary based on personal preferences and changes in prices. It’s also wise to carry a bit extra for emergencies or unplanned expenses.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Kuwait?

To dodge ATM fees, check if your bank has partner banks in Kuwait for free withdrawals.

Also, consider withdrawing larger sums less often to reduce fees. But for safety, avoid carrying too much cash.

A clever move is to get some dinars from Manor FX at competitive rates before your trip. This way, you’re ready from the start!

Is Kuwait tourist friendly?

Yes, Kuwait is known to be tourist-friendly. It offers a range of attractions, from modern skyscrapers and shopping malls to historical sites and beautiful coastlines. 

English is widely spoken in tourist areas, making communication easier for international visitors. The country also provides good hospitality and safety for tourists, ensuring a pleasant experience.

Do you tip in Kuwait?

Tipping is a kind gesture to show appreciation for good service in Kuwait. A tip of about 10-15% is customary to express gratitude when dining out.

JACC, Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Kuwaiti Currency

Kuwaiti dinar notes

The Central Bank of Kuwait issues Kuwaiti dinar bills in denominations of ¼, ½, 1, 5, 10, and 20 dinars. There are 1,000 fils in every dinar.

The designs on the dinar banknotes reflect Kuwait’s rich history and culture. On Kuwaiti dinar banknotes, you’ll see images of significant landmarks, like the Liberation Tower and the Grand Mosque, alongside beautiful patterns and symbols from Kuwaiti art and architecture.

Kuwaiti Dinar banknotes

Kuwaiti coins

Kuwaiti dinar coins include 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 fils. The coins feature intricate designs celebrating Kuwaiti heritage, such as the traditional dhow and the Kuwaiti emblem.

kuwaiti dinar coins

Kuwait’s currency import and export regulations

Kuwait allows you to bring in and take out currency up to 3,000 dinars (about £7,500) or its equivalent without declaring it. For amounts over this, declaration upon arrival is necessary.

Sticking to these regulations ensures a smooth trip. Always check the most recent rules before your journey to avoid any surprises!

Buy Kuwaiti dinars online

Need to make a GBP to KWD exchange? Convert British pounds to Kuwaiti dinars with Manor FX and receive them safely and swiftly via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® the next working day. 

Choose your preferred payment method, including bank transfer or pay on collection – by cash, credit, or debit card.

Selling back Kuwaiti dinars to UK pounds

Exchange leftover Kuwaiti dinars to GBP with Manor FX. Select ‘sell currency,’ and choose ‘Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)’ to convert leftover dinars to British pounds.

people walking on street during daytime Kuwait


Yes, many people in Kuwait speak English, especially in cities and tourist spots. It’s common in businesses, shops, and hotels, so getting around and asking for help in English is usually straightforward.

The Kuwaiti dinar is the strongest currency in the world based on its value against the US dollar. This means that one Kuwaiti dinar can be exchanged for more US dollars compared to other currencies.

Yes, most visitors need a visa to enter Kuwait. You can often get one online or on arrival, depending on your nationality. It’s a good idea to check the latest visa requirements before your trip.

Before going to Kuwait, it’s recommended to be up-to-date on routine vaccines. Depending on your travel plans, vaccines like Hepatitis A and Typhoid might be advised since you can catch these diseases through food or water in Kuwait. Always check with a health professional for the most current advice.

Kuwait is best visited during the cooler months, from November to April. The weather is pleasant during this period, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the country. Summers can be sweltering, so it’s best to avoid visiting from May to October.

In Kuwait, it’s essential to respect local laws and customs. Things not allowed include drinking or possessing alcohol, public displays of affection, and dressing immodestly in public places. Also, drugs are strictly prohibited, and there are severe penalties for drug-related offences. Always make sure to check the latest guidelines before your visit to stay respectful and avoid trouble.

No, you can’t legally buy or drink alcohol in Kuwait. Alcohol is completely banned, and there are strict penalties for anyone caught with it. It’s essential to respect this law while you’re there.

No, Iraq does not use the Kuwaiti dinar. Iraq has its own currency, called the Iraqi dinar. Each country uses its distinct currency for financial transactions.

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Kuwaiti Dinars Fast!

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