Mozambican Meticais

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Travel advise: payments in Mozambique

Jet off well-informed to Mozambique. Here are some handy facts about cash and card payments in Mozambique.

In downtown Matola and Maputo are a number of international hotels and malls where you can pay with international credit/debit cards. However most vendors in Mozambique will be unable to accept payments by international debit and credit cards.

Instead you will be pointed towards the nearest ATM. Cash is by far the most popular means of payment in Mozambique.

If you are going to pay by card in Mozambique: Be aware of currency conversion fees: British banks may charge heavily for international card payments made in Mozambique. In addition, your bank's MZN to GBP exchange rate may not be so good. This is how banks make money. Before using your bank card for payments in Mozambique, it's certainly a good idea to contact your bank. This will avoid your card becoming blocked due to international transactions that your bank may find suspicious.

Yes. Payments and economic transactions in Mozambique are mainly made in cash. Acceptance of cards and payment apps is still very low in Mozambique.

Make sure to carry enough low denomination banknotes. The use of high denomination banknotes may not be possible when there isn't enough change.

For a coffee in Mozambique, expect to pay around 100 meticais. A three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant is expected to cost you around 1000 meticais.

The overall cost of living in Mozamque is much cheaper than the cost of living in the UK: Prices are on average 31% lower in Mozambique.

In low-range bars and restaurants in Mozambique, tipping is not generally expected and it's good enough to leave a few coins, rounding up the bill. In more upscale places you should leave a 10-15% tip if you're happy with the service.

Banknotes in Mozambique

All banknotes in Mozambique have the same design, with the portrait of Samora Moisés Machel, revolutionary who became Mozambique's first President in 1975.

Mozambican Metical banknotes come in the following denominations: 20 MZN, 50 MZN, 100 MZN, 200 MZN, 500 MZN and 1000 MZN.

Coins in Mozambique

Mozambican coins range from 1 centavos (0.01 MZN) to 10 MZN.

Mozambique's currency import and export regulations

All currency should be declared upon arrival. It is prohibited to bring Mozambican Meticais into Mozambique. It is also prohibited to take Mozambican Meticais out of Mozambique. Exporting foreign currency is allowed up to the value declared on arrival.

It is advisable to take US Dollars and South African Rands to Mozambique and exchange these at the airport upon arrival in Mozambique.

Ordering Mozambican Meticais online

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Selling back Mozambican Meticais

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