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Travelling to Israel?

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Travel warning

Parts of Israel are currently not safe for travellers to visit. Head over to the government website to find out more information on how this could affect your travels

Israeli travel money

Heading to Israel from the UK? Understanding cash and card usage in Israel will help ensure a seamless trip.

Where can I get new Israeli shekels?

Israeli shekels might not be as readily available as other major currencies. Here’s where you can look:

Currency exchange bureaus: Some high-street currency exchanges stock Israeli shekels. We at Manor FX guarantee availability.

Online ordering: Secure your Israeli shekels online and have them delivered directly to your door or workplace. Our straightforward online ordering process makes acquiring holiday cash easy.

Airport kiosks: These are available at UK airports, but their rates are less favourable. It’s smarter to order Israeli shekels before you travel.

Acquiring Israeli shekels should be a breeze. Snag the best English pound to Israeli shekel exchange rate and get your Israeli cash quickly! We offer free next working day home delivery for orders over £750.

Can I buy Israeli currency in the UK?

Yes, you can definitely buy Israeli shekels in the UK! You can order them online from currency exchange services like Manor FX or visit currency exchange offices. It’s straightforward and convenient, ensuring you’re ready for your trip to Israel.

So convert your pounds to Israeli new shekel today with Manor FX!

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Should I get shekels before going to Israel?

Yes, it’s a good idea to get shekels before you go to Israel. Having cash on hand when you arrive makes things easier, especially for immediate expenses like taxis or snacks. Plus, you’ll avoid potentially higher exchange rates at the airport. It’s always best to be prepared!

What’s the difference between Israeli new sheqalim and Israeli new shekel?

“Israeli new sheqalim” and “Israeli new shekel” refer to the same currency. “sheqalim” is the plural form of “shekel” in Hebrew. So when you hear “new sheqalim,” it’s just the plural way of saying “new shekel.” 

Both terms are used to describe Israel’s currency in everyday use.

What is the best currency to take to Israel?

The new shekel is the official currency of Israel. It’s used all across the country for everyday transactions and savings and is the best currency to take. 

Can I use my bank card in Israel?

 Major debit and credit cards are accepted in Israel’s cities and tourist areas. But remember:

  • Cards may not work in less populated or rural regions. Always have cash as a backup.
  • ATMs usually dispense Israeli shekels, but some might charge fees.
  • Check with your bank about international transaction fees before your trip.
Camels resting in Negev, Israel

Should I use cash in Israel?

Absolutely. Bringing Israeli shekels with you is wise, and here’s why:

  • Smooth arrival: Having cash ensures a hassle-free start. Cover immediate expenses like taxi fares, snacks, or a SIM card on arrival.
  • Avoid airport rates: Airports often have higher exchange rates. Get your currency in advance to save.
  • Emergency funds: It’s always possible to run into a non-operational ATM. Be prepared with some cash.
  • Budget management: Using physical cash helps you monitor your spending better.

Though starting with some cash is recommended, you can also withdraw more Israeli shekels from ATMs in Israel as needed.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Israel?

In Israel, both cash and credit cards are useful, but it depends on where you are. Card payments are widely accepted and convenient for larger purchases in cities and tourist areas. 

However, it’s handy to have cash in shekels for minor expenses like taxis, snacks, or markets. So, it’s a good idea to carry a mix of both to cover all situations!

If you have any leftover currency from your recent travels, remember to convert your extra Israeli currency to GBP when you return.

How much cash should I take to Israel?

Israel has become one of the pricier places to visit in recent years.  Let’s take a look at some typical costs you might encounter:

Accommodation (per night):

  • Hostel: Expect to pay around 85 ILS, about £22, for a bed in a 4-bed dormitory.
  • Hotel: A standard hotel room could cost about 300 ILS, around £77.
  • Airbnb: You can find options starting at 175 ILS, around £45 for a room or even an entire place.


  • Restaurant main course: A typical dish in a restaurant will cost around 60 ILS, around £15.
  • Street food: For a quick meal like a falafel or shawarma sandwich with a drink, it’s about 25 ILS, around £6.

These are just some averages to give you an idea of what budgeting for a trip to Israel might look like.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Israel?

Minimise fees by using reputable bank ATMs and making fewer, larger withdrawals. See if your home bank has fee-reduction agreements with any Israeli banks.

Jerusalem, Israel, City

How does tipping work in Israel?

Tipping is common but optional. A 10-15% restaurant tip is appreciated, and small tokens of gratitude for hotel staff are kind gestures.

Is Israel a cheap country to visit?

Israel can be expensive, especially in major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. However, the cost really depends on your travel style. Budget travellers can find more affordable options if they plan carefully. 

Overall, expect prices similar to those of major European cities. Budgeting a bit extra is always a good idea, just in case!

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Israel Currency

Banknotes in Israel

Israeli shekel banknotes come in several denominations, including 20, 50, 100, and 200 ILS. Each note varies in colour and size, aiding in quick identification. The Central Bank of Israel issues all Israeli currency notes.

The notes often showcase important Israeli figures, historical landmarks, or cultural symbols. For instance, the 50 ILS note features the famous poet Shaul Tchernichovsky.

Israeli new shekel banknote series

Israeli shekel coins

Israeli coins come in several denominations: 10 agorot and ½, 1, 2, 5, and 10  new shekels. Each new sheqalim coin features unique symbols and designs that reflect Israeli culture and history. 

Israeli new shekel coin series

Israel’s currency import and export regulations

When it comes to bringing money into or out of Israel, you can carry up to 50,000 new shekels without needing to declare it. 

You must declare it at customs for amounts exceeding this or the equivalent of €10,000 in foreign currency. It’s a straightforward rule designed to keep everything transparent and secure while you travel.

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Selling back Israeli shekels to British pounds

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Beautiful sunset at the Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem.


Currently, no. The FCDO advises against all travel to parts of Israel. 

Travel safety can change, so it’s best to check the latest travel advice from the UK government’s travel website before going to Israel. They provide up-to-date safety information, areas to avoid, and other essential tips.

No, if you’re a UK passport holder, you don’t need a visa for short visits to Israel. You can stay for up to three months for tourism purposes without a visa. Just make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you enter Israel. 

For Israel, no specific vaccinations are required for entry. However, It’s a good idea to check with your doctor or a travel clinic before your trip to ensure you’re covered.

The best time to visit Israel is during spring (April and May) or autumn (September and October). The weather is pleasant during these months and perfect for exploring. Here’s what you can enjoy during these times:

  • Hiking in Galilee or the Negev Desert: The mild weather is ideal for hiking and exploring these beautiful regions.
  • Visiting historical sites in Jerusalem: Comfortable temperatures make walking through the city’s ancient streets more enjoyable.
  • Enjoying the beaches of Tel Aviv: The Mediterranean is still warm enough for swimming in early autumn.
  • Exploring the markets: Whether it’s Jerusalem’s Old City or Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, the cooler weather makes it a perfect time to wander and sample local foods.
  • Attending festivals: Check out the Israel Festival or the Tel Aviv Pride Parade in spring, as well as various Jewish holidays like Sukkot in autumn.

These seasons offer a balance of good weather and fewer tourists, making it easier to get around and fully experience the local culture and attractions.

The old shekel and the new shekel are two different versions of Israel’s currency. The old shekel was used in Israel from 1980 until 1985. Due to high inflation, it lost a lot of value and was replaced by the new shekel in 1986. 

The new shekel, officially called the new Israeli sheqalim, has a much stronger value and is the currency currently used in Israel. 

No, you can’t use old shekels in Israel anymore. They were replaced by the new shekel in 1986 due to inflation issues. 

Today, only the new shekel is valid for everyday transactions throughout Israel. If you have old shekels, they’re considered collectables or can be exchanged at certain banks or currency exchanges that accept them.

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