Nigerian Naira

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Travel advise: payments in Nigeria

Jet off well-informed to Nigeria. Here are some handy facts about cash and card payments in Nigeria.

Cash payments are still the most important payment method in the 36 states that make up Nigeria. Cashless transactions in Nigeria just started gaining momentum. Tourists visiting the following four Nigerian states are likely to find vendors that accept VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards:

Lagos state, in the south western part of Nigeria, is the commercial capital with lots of economic activities and new developments. This is the easiest location to find local supermarkets and shops that accept card payments, especially in upmarket areas like Victoria island, Ikeja, Lekki and Surulere.

Kano state in the Northern part of Nigeria is the most populous city in the country. It is also the most commercialised and developed area of the Northern region, with lots of enterprises that accept card payments.

Abuja, the Administrative capital and Nigerian seat of power. Card payments are accepted by many vendors in Abuja, especially the more upmarket stores.

Rivers state: Nigeria's oil rich region with lots of foreign expatriates. Card payments are widely accepted in the shops frequented by expats.

If you are going to pay by card in Nigeria: Be aware of steep currency conversion fees and bank fees for card payments: Your bank's NGN to GBP exchange rate may be quite bad. This is how banks make money. Before using your bank card for payments in Africa, it's certainly a good idea to contact your bank. This will avoid your card becoming blocked due to international transactions that your bank may find suspicious.

Yes. Cash payments are the number one method of payment in Nigeria. Locals pay either by cash or with mobile payment solutions such as Paga and VCash.

You'll need Nigerian Naira cash for most of your purchases in Nigeria, therefore we recommend getting your hands on some NGN bills.

The cost of living in Nigeria is much cheaper than the cost of living in the UK: Prices in Nigeria are on average 52% lower than prices at home.

For a coffee in a cafe, expect to pay around 700-800 NGN. A three-course mean will cost in the area of 4000 naira.

In Nigeria, if a service charge hasn't already been added to the bill, it's common to give a tip of around 10%. It's best to give the tip discretely.

Banknotes in Nigeria

The lower denomination banknotes in Nigeria are made of polymer plastic: 5 naira, 10 naira, 20 naira and 50 naira. The notes of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 naira are made of paper.

The value of Naira banknotes is limited, meaning that for many purchases you'll hand out a big wad of banknotes. Many banknotes may be in a worn and circulated condition, often dirty. Wash your hands often.

Coins in Nigeria

Nigerian coins range from 50 kobo (0.50 Naira) to 2 Naira. Given their low value, coins aren't used much in Nigeria.

Nigeria's currency import and export regulations

Travelers can bring up to 5000 Nigerian Naira per person into Nigeria. In addition, travelers can take an unlimited amount of foreign currencies into the country, but these need to be declared upon arrival.

When leaving Nigeria, travelers are allowed to export up to 5000 Nigerian Naira, along with foreign currency up to the value declared upon arrival.

Ordering Nigerian Naira online

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Selling back Nigerian Naira

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