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Lily Pad swamp in Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname

Setting off to Suriname? 

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Suriname travel money

Planning to delve into Suriname’s rich culture? Or eager to explore the awe-inspiring Central Suriname Nature Reserve? We’ve got you covered with essential info on using cash and cards in Suriname.

What country uses Suriname dollars?

The Suriname dollar is the currency of Suriname. It’s unique to this South American nation.

PARAMARIBO, SURINAME. Old colonial buildings on Waterkant or Waterside street in the evening sun

Where can you get Suriname dollars?

When changing your pounds to SRD, exploring your options is key, as the Suriname dollar is an exotic currency.

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Can you buy Suriname dollars in the UK?

Yes, you can buy Suriname dollars in the UK from currency exchanges. But online platforms like Manor FX offer the ultimate convenience.

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Should I exchange money before I travel to Suriname?

Definitely! Converting some money to Suriname dollars before your trip is a smart choice.

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Jaguar in the jungle of Surinam

Can you use USD in Suriname?

Yes, you can use United States dollars in Suriname, but it’s not always the best option. 

While the US dollar is accepted in some places, especially tourist areas and hotels, it’s not universally accepted like the local currency, the Surinam dollar.

What is the best currency to take to Suriname?

The Suriname dollar (SRD) is your best bet in Suriname. It’s the official currency and widely accepted.

While US dollars might be used in some South American countries, they’re not a sure bet in Suriname. You might end up overpaying. So, using the local currency is the most practical and cost-effective choice.

Should I use cash in Suriname?

Yes. While credit and debit cards are accepted in urban areas, cash is essential in many parts of Suriname.

You’ll need cash to pay taxi drivers, market vendors, and tour operators. Make sure to carry enough notes and coins for these cash-only situations.

Remember to convert your Suriname dollars to pounds when you return from your travels.

Misty Mountain in Kabalebo in Surinam

Can I use my bank card in Suriname?

Yes, using your debit card in Suriname is a practical way to access funds. Most international hotels and larger shops in cities like Paramaribo accept international credit and debit cards.

However, some British banks may charge fees for international card use. You’ll also probably find that their exchange rates for converting Suriname dollars to GBP might not be the best.

To avoid surprises, checking with your bank before using your card in Suriname is wise.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Suriname?

A combination of both cash and card is what we’d recommend. Here’s why:

Using card:

  • In cities. Cards are convenient in Paramaribo and other urban areas, particularly at eateries, hotels, and major stores.
  • Security. Cards offer a secure way to carry money.

Using cash:

  • Rural areas and small vendors. Cash is often the only option outside cities and with smaller merchants or local food joints.
  • Transportation. Many taxi drivers prefer cash, especially outside major cities.
  • Emergency. Cash is a reliable backup in areas with few ATMs.

How much cash should I take to Suriname?

When budgeting for Suriname, consider your travel style!

Are you travelling frugally? Hostels and cost-effective dining can keep your daily spend around 135 to 158 SRD, roughly 51 to 60 GBP.

Do you prefer more comfort, like 3-star hotels and fine dining? Budget for around 296 to 369 SRD daily, translating to about 112 to 140 GBP.

Dining out varies. A nice meal for two at a mid-range restaurant costs about 94 SRD, approximately 36 GBP. Expect to pay around 14 SRD, about 5 GBP, for budget meals.

Whether you’re saving or splurging, Suriname caters to all.

Colorful traditional boats on the Suriname river, Suriname

How can I avoid ATM fees in Suriname?

To save on ATM fees in Suriname:

  • Use major bank ATMs. They often have lower or no fees for international transactions.
  • Withdraw more at once. To reduce the frequency of withdrawal fees.
  • Check with your bank. Some banks have partnerships in Suriname for free withdrawals.
  • Currency exchange offices. Exchange currency before your trip at Manor FX for great rates delivered to your door.
  • Research local banks. Find out if they have agreements with your home bank.

How does tipping work in Suriname?

Tipping in Suriname is common but not obligatory. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Restaurants: A 10% tip is typical unless a service charge is included.
  • Bars: Rounding up or leaving small change is customary.
  • Taxis: Rounding up the fare is common. 
  • Hotels: Tips of 50-100 SRD (£2-£4) for hotel staff are standard.
  • Tour guides and drivers: It’s polite to tip to show appreciation.

Is it cheap to travel to Suriname?

Travelling in Suriname can be budget-friendly.

Accommodation ranges from economical guesthouses to affordable hotels, often with charming local elements.

Suriname’s cuisine is delicious and reasonably priced, particularly at local diners and street food stalls. Enjoy diverse flavours without spending much.

Transport in Suriname is affordable. Local minibuses offer an authentic experience, while riverboats and flights are available for longer distances. Booking these in advance secures the best deals.

Sightseeing in Suriname can be economical, too. Many natural attractions like rainforests and waterfalls are free or have minimal entry fees. 

Local tours are available at reasonable prices, allowing you to explore without a hefty cost.

View on the Suriname river in Upper Suriname, Awarradam jungle camp

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Suriname currency

Banknotes in Suriname

The Central Bank of Suriname issues the country’s banknotes. Denominations including $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 Suriname dollar notes.

These banknotes aren’t just currency; they’re pieces of art showcasing Suriname’s diverse wildlife and landscapes.

Surinamese Dollar banknotes

Coins in Suriname

Surinamese coins are miniature reflections of the nation’s rich culture and natural beauty.

These coins, often featuring designs of local wildlife and landscapes, are perfect for small transactions where cash is preferred.

suriname coins

Suriname’s currency import and export regulations

There are no strict rules on importing or exporting currency to Suriname. However, for amounts over $10,000, declaration is required.

Ordering Suriname dollars online

The fastest and simplest way to buy Suriname dollars is online with Manor FX!

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Selling back Suriname dollars

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Red bridge over the river in Suriname


Yes. Suriname is a fantastic destination for tourists, especially those who love nature and cultural diversity. Here are a few reasons why Suriname is a great choice:

  • Rich cultural heritage. Suriname boasts a unique cultural blend with influences from African, Amerindian, Dutch, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese heritage. This diversity is reflected in its cuisine, festivals, and languages.
  • Natural beauty. Suriname is a paradise for nature lovers. It’s home to the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. A UNESCO World Heritage site with pristine tropical rainforests, rivers, and a rich variety of wildlife.
  • Wildlife watching. The country is renowned for its biodiversity. You can spot exotic birds, sea turtles, and even jaguars in their natural habitats.
  • Adventure activities. Suriname offers numerous activities for adventure enthusiasts, including jungle trekking, river trips, and eco-tours.
  • Peaceful and off the beaten path. Suriname is less touristy than other destinations, providing a more relaxed and authentic experience.
  • Historical sites. The capital city, Paramaribo, is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Friendly locals. The people of Suriname are known for their warm hospitality, adding to the charm of visiting this country.

Suriname, a small country in South America, is known for several unique and fascinating aspects:

  • Unique cuisine. The country’s diverse population has led to a unique and flavorful cuisine influenced by Indonesian, African, Indian, and Dutch culinary traditions. Dishes like roti, pom, and Moksi Meti are particularly popular.
  • Languages. Suriname is one of the few places in South America where Dutch is an official language. Sranan Tongo, an English-based Creole language, is also widely spoken.
  • Sustainable tourism. Suriname is known for its efforts in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. It offers a range of eco-resorts and lodges that provide visitors with an immersive experience in nature while maintaining ecological balance.
  • Water resources. The country boasts an abundance of rivers and waterways, making it a hub for freshwater biodiversity and offering various river-based activities for tourists.

UK nationals generally do need a visa to enter Suriname. However, visa requirements can change, so checking the most current information before you travel is essential. 

You can do this by contacting the Embassy of Suriname in your country or checking their official website for the latest visa requirements and procedures.

Additionally, ensure your passport is valid for a sufficient period (usually six months) beyond your intended stay in Suriname. 

Also, consider other entry requirements like return or onward tickets and proof of sufficient funds for your stay. Remember to check for specific health requirements, such as vaccinations necessary for your visit.

Before travelling to Suriname, you should ensure your routine vaccinations are current. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Typhoid are also recommended due to contaminated food or water risks.

Additionally, a Yellow Fever vaccine is strongly advised and sometimes required for entry, especially if travelling from a region where Yellow Fever is prevalent. 

Consider Malaria prophylaxis and Hepatitis B vaccines based on your travel plans and activities. A Rabies vaccine might also be necessary if you’re likely to be exposed to wildlife. 

Always consult a doctor well before your trip for the most appropriate advice.

The best time to visit Suriname is during the dry season, which typically runs from mid-August to mid-November and from February to April. 

During these months, the weather is more favourable for tourism. Less rain and more sunshine make it ideal for exploring the rainforests, rivers, and cultural sites.

The dry season is perfect for wildlife spotting and outdoor activities like hiking and river tours, as the lower water levels in rivers and creeks make remote areas more accessible. It’s also a great time for cultural events and experiencing the vibrant local life in cities like Paramaribo. Remember that even during the dry season, Suriname’s tropical climate can still bring occasional rain showers.

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