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Click and collect travel money, your stress-free solution!

Are you planning your next holiday or business trip? Discover the ease of click and collect travel money – your stress-free solution for handling foreign currency. 

Managing travel details can be a hassle in today’s fast-paced world, but getting your travel money shouldn’t add to the stress. 

Our click and collect service is straightforward and convenient. Buy your travel money whilst saving you time and worry. 

Whether you’re jetting off to Europe or exploring further afield, we’ve covered your currency needs. 

Read on to uncover how click and collect can simplify your travel preparations. Leave yourself more time to plan the fun parts of your trip!

The hassles of traditional currency exchange

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a long queue at a travel money bureau just days before your trip? You’re not alone. 

Many travellers face the frustration of waiting in line only to be greeted with poor exchange rates and limited currency options. 

This process can be time-consuming and often leaves you feeling short-changed. With travel plans already demanding enough, why add currency exchange woes to your list? 

Click and collect travel money offers a hassle-free alternative, ensuring your holiday starts on a high note.

What is click and collect travel money?

Click and collect travel money is a game changer for savvy travellers. Order your travel money online from the comfort of your home. 

Then, you pick it up from a chosen location at a time that suits you. No more unexpected rates or last-minute rushes. It’s all about convenience and planning. 

Whether you need euros, dollars, or any other currency, order ahead and collect at your leisure. 

This service fits into your busy schedule, making travel preparations smoother and more efficient.

Benefits of click and collect for travel money

Choosing click and collect for your travel money comes with many benefits. The biggest one is it’s stress-free. 

Say goodbye to the panic of poor exchange rates at the airport. You’ll get more favourable rates with click and collect, helping your pounds stretch further on your travels. 

It also saves you precious time. Just a quick stop at our currency exchange bureau, and you’re all set. 

Plus, with a wide range of currencies available, there’s no limit to your destination choices. 

Experience the ease and efficiency of modern currency exchange tailored for today’s traveller.

Click and collect travel money

Safety and security considerations

When it comes to handling money, safety is paramount. Click and collect services keep your security in mind. 

By ordering online, you minimise the risks of carrying large amounts of cash to a currency exchange. 

When you collect, it’s a quick and secure transaction at a trusted location. We also provide tips for safely transporting your money, ensuring your peace of mind. 

With click and collect, you can focus on your travels, knowing your currency needs are handled safely and efficiently.

Comparing providers: What to look for

When selecting a click and collect travel money provider, comparing your options is important. 

Look for a provider with competitive exchange rates to ensure you get the most value for your money. Check for any hidden fees or charges that might apply. 

Location convenience is key – consider providers with collection points that are easy for you to access. (Our travel money shop is conveniently located near Heathrow, with plenty of free parking.)

Additionally, read reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction. 

At ManorFX, we pride ourselves on transparent services, excellent rates, and convenient collection options, making us the top choice for UK travellers.

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Why choose Manor FX for your currency exchange?

Extensive currency selection

With over 160 different currencies on offer, Manor FX boasts the most comprehensive range of foreign currencies anywhere in the UK. Looking for unique travel currencies at excellent rates? You’re in the right place.

Convenient click and collect service

Enjoy the convenience of our click and collect service. Simply choose click and collect during checkout. Then, pop by to pick up your travel money at a time that suits you.

More value for your money

Our competitive exchange rates mean you get better value for your currency exchange with Manor FX than with other providers, including banks.

Attractive buyback rates

Keep your leftover currency from gathering dust. Benefit from our attractive buyback rates when you return from your travels. Sell any remaining currency back to us.

How to use Manor FX’s click and collect service

Getting your travel currency through Manor FX’s click and collect service is straightforward and quick. You can place your order in less than 5 minutes by following these easy steps:

  1. Decide how much foreign currency you’d like to get.
  2. Select the click and collect option.
  3. Take a moment to review your order summary.
  4. Fill in the form with your details.
  5. Choose your preferred collection date.
  6. Pick your payment method.
  7. Double-check your order summary.
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  9. Click the button to finalise your order and check your emails for a confirmation summarising all the details.
  10. Pay us a visit at our bureau de change in Datchet near Heathrow to collect your holiday money! (Ensure you bring along a form of photo ID with you.)

Remember to order in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure your currency is available.


Click and collect travel money is a stress-free, efficient solution for your foreign currency needs. 

It offers better rates, convenience, and safety, enhancing your overall travel experience. 

By choosing click and collect, you save time and avoid the common hassles of traditional currency exchange. 

Whether you’re planning a quick European getaway or an exotic adventure, make your currency exchange process as enjoyable as your travels. 

Remember, with click and collect, you’re not just changing money but upgrading your travel preparation.

Ready to transform your travel money experience? 

Explore our click-and-collect service today. Fast, easy, and with your convenience in mind. 

Start your journey to a more enjoyable travel experience by clicking here.

Say goodbye to currency exchange hassles and hello to more travel joy with ManorFX!


Definitely! We monitor exchange rates to guarantee you receive more travel money with us than with other providers. 

We recommend comparing our rates with those offered elsewhere – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference!

Not at all. We value simplicity and transparency at Manor FX, so we don’t impose any commissions or transaction fees.

Certainly. You can place your order online and then pay in person when you arrive to collect your travel money.

No. Someone else can’t collect your travel money on your behalf. The person who places the order needs to come and collect it. If for any reason that’s not possible, please contact us here or call on 0800 030 94 99. This ensures a safe and secure collection process.

Absolutely, you can easily order your foreign currency online for all your travel requirements through Manor FX.
Securely pay for your currency exchange services with a credit or debit card. Or pay on collection if you’ve opted for click and collect.

Certainly, Manor FX offers the convenience of having travel money delivered directly to your home. This eliminates your need to visit our currency exchange bureau in person.

Get travel money Fast!

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