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How to avoid poor airport exchange rates

Embarking on a journey abroad? Let’s talk about navigating those tricky airport exchange rates and dodging the bad deals. 

Airports are bustling hubs of excitement, but they’re also notorious for their less-than-favourable currency exchange rates. So, if you’ve ever felt puzzled by the varying exchange rates at airports, we’re here to clear the fog. 

With Manor FX by your side, you’ll learn how to spot the best deals and bypass those sneaky poor rates. 

How do airport exchange desks work?

Airport exchange desks are located right in the heart of the airport, and they get you the currency you need for your trip. 

This setup may appear as a convenient way to grab the currency you need as soon as you land. However, because of those higher rates and fees, you won’t get the best value.

These desks set their own exchange rates, which usually means they’re a bit higher than what you’d find elsewhere. They also charge fees – sometimes a fixed amount, other times a percentage of the amount you’re exchanging. 

So, while they’re handy for last-minute exchanges, it pays to shop around.

Is it good to exchange money at the airports?

Let’s dive into the ups and downs of exchanging money at the airport:


  • Super convenient: Exchange desks at airports are easy to find and use, especially if you need local currency as soon as you land.
  • Always open: They’re usually open 24/7, so you can grab some cash no matter when your flight lands or takes off.
  • Last-minute lifesaver: If you’ve run out of time or forgot to exchange money before your trip, airport desks have you covered.


  • Higher fees: Airports often charge higher exchange rates and additional fees, so you get less money back.
  • Less competitive rates: The convenience comes at a cost, with exchange rates not as good as those you might find in the city or online.
  • Could miss out on better deals: By waiting to exchange money at the airport, you might miss out on researching better rates elsewhere, like local banks or currency services.

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Why are airport exchange rates so terrible?

Airport exchange rates often leave travellers scratching their heads, wondering why they’re not getting a better deal. Here’s the scoop: 

Airports know they’re one of the last stops for travellers needing local currency, so they charge more for the convenience. It’s all about location and timing. When you’re at the airport, options are limited, and they use this to their advantage by setting higher rates and fees. 

They’re banking on the fact that you need that currency right then and there. So, while it’s super convenient to grab your cash as you dash to your gate, it might not be the kindest to your wallet. 

That’s why it pays to plan ahead and explore other options before you head to the airport.

What are my options for buying travel money?

Searching for the best exchange rates might take a bit of time, but no worries; we’re here with an easy guide to point you towards the best option:

  • Local banks: Your bank or others in your area often offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees than you’d find at the airport. Give them a call or check online before your trip.
  • Online currency exchanges: Websites and apps specialise in currency exchange, offering great rates and the convenience of having money delivered to your door or ready for pickup.
  • Foreign ATMs: Once you arrive at your destination, using ATMs to withdraw local currency can give you access to better rates. Just be sure to check if your bank charges fees for international withdrawals.
  • Credit cards: A credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees can be the way to go for daily expenses. You get the day-to-day exchange rate without extra costs.

Remember, the key is to shop around a bit before you commit. A little research can lead to more spending money for your adventures!

We’re here to take the hassle out of your travel plans. With our extensive selection of over 160 currencies, Manor FX ensures you get the best rates for your trip!

Where can I get the best exchange rates?

For top-notch exchange rates, diving into online currency exchange services is your best bet. These platforms are super convenient, letting you swap currencies from the comfort of your home. And when it comes to finding the cream of the crop, Manor FX shines bright!

Why Manor FX? First off, we’re all about giving you more bang for your buck. With access to over 160 currencies, we’ve got your back no matter where your travels take you. Our rates are competitive, meaning you have more money to spend on your adventures.

Plus, we make things easy; no need to navigate complicated websites or wait in long lines. With Manor FX, a few clicks is all it takes to get your travel money sorted. And because we understand the value of hard-earned cash, we have no commission fees!

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get the best exchange rates, Manor FX is your go-to. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on packing your bags and planning your itinerary.

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Travel money tips to get the best exchange rates

We know that airport currency exchange rates are often poor, so here are some ways to ensure you find the best deals before you travel.

  • Plan ahead: Don’t wait to leave your currency exchange until the last minute. Start looking into your options early and pre-order to secure the best rates.
  • Compare rates: Take a moment to compare exchange rates online. Manor FX offers competitive rates, making it a great place to start your search.
  • Order your currency online: With over 160 currencies available, Manor FX offers some of the best rates out there. Plus, it’s super convenient, and you can deliver your currency straight to your doorstep. 
  • Watch for fees: Some places sneak in high fees with good rates. Manor FX is upfront about costs, and we don’t charge any commission fees, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Know your needs: Estimate how much cash you’ll need before you go. It’s better to get more than you think you’ll need, just in case.
  • Use your bank: Some banks offer competitive rates for their customers, especially if you order in advance.  
  • Use credit cards wisely: Cards without foreign transaction fees can be great for spending abroad. Just make sure to pay in the local currency.
  • Pre paid travel cards: Load money onto these cards for fixed exchange rates. They’re secure and convenient.
  • Keep an eye on rates: Exchange rates fluctuate. If you see a good rate, it might be worth exchanging some money sooner rather than later.

With these tips and Manor FX at your side, you’re all set to get the most value out of your foreign currency. 

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Navigating airport exchange rates doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and a bit of planning, you can ensure you’re getting the best value for your travel money. 

Remember, while airport exchange desks offer convenience and accessibility, they often come with higher fees and less competitive rates. By exploring options like Manor FX, you can secure more favourable rates and save money for the experiences that truly matter on your journey. 

With over 160 currencies available, Manor FX is your trusted partner in travel, making currency exchange hassle-free and economical. So, before you set off on your next adventure, take a moment to compare rates, consider your needs, and choose wisely.

 Here’s to smart travel planning and making every penny count as you explore the world!


Yes, the Post Office often offers good exchange rates, making it a popular choice for exchanging money before a trip. 

They’re known for competitive rates on a wide range of currencies. However, Manor FX often offers more competitive exchange rates and lower fees. We specialise in a broader range of currencies compared to the Post Office.

Definitely! We constantly check exchange rates to ensure you receive more travel money with us than elsewhere. We invite you to compare our rates with other providers and see the advantages for yourself! 

Convert your British pounds to travel money today; we exchange currencies from around the globe, with over 160 to choose from!

Absolutely not. We value simplicity and clarity, so we don’t add commissions or transaction fees. If you opt to have your travel money delivered, there’s a £7.50 delivery fee for exchanges under £750. But for exchanges of £750 or more, delivery is on us – completely free.

Alternatively, If you are in the neighbourhood, you can order online and collect in person from our Datchet office.

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