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Blue Water and Green Hills of Dominica in the East Caribbean

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Eastern Caribbean travel money

If you’re preparing for a trip to the Eastern Caribbean, acquiring Eastern Caribbean dollars is a must. Getting the right currency before your trip is vital, whether you dream of sandy beaches or the lively culture of Caribbean cities.

Here’s what you need to know about cash and card payments in the Eastern Caribbean.

How many islands use the East Caribbean dollar?

The Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD) is used by eight members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). These islands are:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Montserrat (a British Overseas Territory)
  • Anguilla (also a British Overseas Territory)
Musicians dress with typical costumes and makeup are playing african drums at St. georges harbor in Grenada. East Caribbean

Can I buy East Caribbean dollars in the UK?

Yes. You can buy East Caribbean dollars (XCD) in the UK. Remember to check the exchange rates and service fees before purchasing to ensure you get a good deal.

Where can I buy Eastern Caribbean dollars?

Manor FX is your reliable source for XCD

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Should you exchange money before travelling to the Eastern Caribbean?

Yes. Exchanging some GBP to Eastern Caribbean dollars before your trip is wise. Immediate expenses like transport and meals necessitate cash, especially if you arrive outside banking hours.

While cards are accepted in cities, cash is crucial for smaller vendors and local markets, where cards may not be viable.

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St. John's, Antigua port and skyline at dusk. East Caribbean

What is the best currency to take to the Eastern Caribbean?

Opt for the official currency – the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD).

Some places might accept US dollars, but using XCD is more economical for everyday purchases. Avoid poor exchange rates by sticking to the local currency.

Can I use USD in the Eastern Caribbean?

USD might be accepted in tourist areas and large establishments. However, expect less favourable exchange rates and possibly not getting XCD in change. 

Use the local currency, the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD) for best value.

Can you use credit or debit cards in the Eastern Caribbean?

Major tourist spots accept cards, but cash is often preferred. VISA and Mastercard are generally accepted. Exercise caution with American Express, as it’s not widely recognised.

Inform your bank about your travels to avoid card-blocking issues.

African-American mother teaches her little daughter how to cook Tapado. St Vincent East Caribbean

What’s the best way to pay in the Eastern Caribbean

In the Eastern Caribbean, cash reigns supreme, especially in smaller towns and local markets.

Larger hotels and restaurants accept cards, but many places prefer or only take cash.

Important reminders:

  • ATMs are common in urban and tourist areas but scarce in remote regions. Carry enough cash when exploring beyond major cities.
  • Be vigilant with credit cards to prevent skimming and fraud. Stick to reputable businesses and monitor your card transactions.
  • Always have cash in Eastern Caribbean dollars to dodge poor exchange rates and fees.
  • Keep smaller denominations for everyday purchases, as breaking large bills can be difficult in smaller establishments.
  • Have multiple payment methods for emergencies. A combination of primarily cash and a backup credit card is ideal.

How to avoid ATM fees in the Eastern Caribbean

To reduce ATM fees, use ATMs of major banks. Withdraw larger sums less frequently. Check with your home bank for fee-free withdrawals at partner banks in the Caribbean.

Is the Eastern Caribbean expensive to visit?

The Eastern Caribbean offers both budget and luxury travel experiences. Your costs will vary based on travel style, accommodation choices, dining, and activities.

Budget-friendly tips:

  • Opt for budget accommodations or local hotels.
  • Dine at local eateries or street food vendors for affordable meals.
  • Use public transport or shared taxis.
  • Focus on free or low-cost activities like beaches and local town exploration.

Prices in tourist areas can be higher, so plan and budget accordingly.

Guadeloupe fruit and vegetable market in Pointe a Pitre. East Caribbean

How much cash should you bring to the Eastern Caribbean?

This depends on your preferences, but here’s an estimate for a 7-day trip:

Budget trip:

  • Budget hotels: 1,000 XCD per night (about £12).
  • Local dining: 700 XCD daily (around £8).
  • Public transport: 300 XCD daily (about £3.50).
  • Activities: 1,000 XCD daily (around £12).
  • Total per day: 3,000 XCD (about £35).

For seven days, approximately 21,000 XCD (around £245).

Mid-range trip:

  • 3-star hotels: 3,000 XCD per night (about £35).
  • Mid-range dining: 2,000 XCD daily (around £23).
  • Car rental/shared taxis: 1,000 XCD daily (about £12).
  • Paid excursions: 2,000 XCD daily (around £23).
  • Total per day: 8,000 XCD (about £93).

For seven days, roughly 56,000 XCD (around £655).

Luxury trip:

  • Luxury resorts: 7,000 XCD per night (about £82).
  • High-end dining: 4,000 XCD daily (around £47).
  • Private transport: 2,000 XCD daily (around £23).
  • Premium tours: 4,000 XCD daily (around £47).
  • Total per day: 17,000 XCD (about £199).

For seven days, approximately 119,000 XCD (around £1,393).

These figures may vary based on individual spending habits and fluctuating exchange rates.

How much do you tip in the Eastern Caribbean?

Tipping is customary. A 10% tip in restaurants is standard, while hotels may expect tips ranging from 500 to 1,000 XCD. 

Colourful houses on the tropical island of Barbados in the East Carribean

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Eastern Caribbean Currency


Eastern Caribbean banknotes come in various denominations, each distinguished by unique colours and sizes for easy recognition. They feature significant cultural and historical symbols, including portraits of notable figures and images showcasing the region’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

These banknotes are made from durable polymer, enhancing their longevity and resistance to environmental damage. They incorporate advanced security features like watermarks, security threads, and colour-shifting ink to prevent counterfeiting. 

Polymer East Caribbean banknote series


Eastern Caribbean coins are available in various denominations, including 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, and 1 dollar. 

Each denomination features distinct sizes and designs, making them easily identifiable. The designs often reflect the Eastern Caribbean region’s rich cultural heritage and natural environment.

east caribbean dollar coins

Eastern Caribbean currency import and export rules

When travelling to and from the Eastern Caribbean, it’s smart to be aware of the currency import and export rules:

Currency import rules:

  • You can bring any amount of foreign currency.
  • Declare amounts over 10,000 USD to comply with local laws.

Currency export rules:

  • The same 10,000 USD limit applies when leaving.
  • Declare amounts over this limit with proof of funds or an entry declaration form.

Ordering Eastern Caribbean dollars online

Order East Caribbean dollars online from Manor FX for speedy, secure home or office delivery. 

Alternatively, visit our travel money shop near Heathrow for a face-to-face exchange to change your pounds to Eastern Caribbean dollars. You’ll get the same great rates.

Selling back Eastern Caribbean dollars

If you have East Caribbean dollars to sell, click this link to convert XCD to GBP. Just click on ‘sell currency’ and choose ‘XCD East Caribbean dollar.’ We offer excellent rates to turn any remaining Eastern Caribbean dollars to GBP.

Covered Market in Fort-De-France, Martinique Island. East Caribbean


Whether you need a visa to travel to countries in the Eastern Caribbean depends on your nationality and the specific country you plan to visit. The visa requirements can vary from one Eastern Caribbean nation to another.

Before going to the Eastern Caribbean, ensure you are up-to-date with your vaccines. Check that you’ve had your MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chickenpox, polio, and flu vaccines.

Doctors often say you should get shots for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. This is because you might eat or drink something that’s not clean in some Caribbean places.

You might also need a Hepatitis B shot. This is important if you plan to get a tattoo or a piercing, have a medical procedure, or do things that could expose you to germs in blood.

There aren’t any vaccinations for mosquito illnesses like Dengue, Zika, or Chikungunya. But these are common in the Caribbean. So, it’s important to avoid mosquito bites. Use insect repellant, wear clothes that cover you well, and stay in places that keep mosquitoes out.

The ideal time to visit the Eastern Caribbean is between mid-December and mid-April. This is the dry season, offering some key benefits:

  • Weather. During the dry season, there’s usually less rain and more sun. Perfect for beach days, exploring, and outdoor fun. The weather is warm but not too hot and less humid than other times of the year.
  • Peak tourist season: This time is also when most tourists visit. Resorts, tours, and attractions are all open and busy. But remember, this can mean higher costs and more people everywhere.
  • Hurricane season avoidance. The region’s hurricane season lasts from June to November, peaking from August to October. Travelling outside these months helps you avoid storms and hurricanes.
  • Cultural festivals. Many islands have exciting cultural festivals and events in the dry season. You can experience local traditions, music, and food.

Travelling just before or after the peak season – in early December or late April – can be smart. You’ll still enjoy good weather but with fewer tourists and better prices.

The best time to go depends on what you want from your trip. Some people prefer great weather, others want to avoid crowds, and some look for the best deals.

Many Caribbean countries don’t use the East Caribbean dollar (XCD). For example, Barbados has its own currency, the Barbadian dollar (BBD).

Each Caribbean nation often has its unique currency. Jamaica uses the Jamaican dollar (JMD), and Trinidad and Tobago uses the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD). The Bahamas use the Bahamian dollar (BSD).

Some places in the Caribbean, like the British Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands, use the US dollar (USD).

When you go to St. Lucia, it’s best to use the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD). This is the island’s official money. US dollars are accepted, especially by tourist spots, but there are benefits to using XCD:

  • Better rates. You’ll often get a better deal with XCD. Some places charge their own rates for US dollars, which can be high.
  • Small buys. For street food, buses, or market items, sellers usually prefer or only take XCD.
  • Correct change. Paying with XCD means you’ll get the right change back. This can be a problem with US dollars if the seller doesn’t have enough change.
  • Supporting locals. Using XCD is a way to respect the local economy.

However, it’s wise to have some US dollars just in case. They’re useful in emergencies or when you can’t use a card. Ensure you know the exchange rate and ask places what currency they prefer.

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