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Peles Castle, Romania. Beautiful famous royal castle and ornamental garden in Sinaia landmark of Carpathian Mountains in Europe

Planning a trip to Romania?

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Romanian travel money

Eager to explore Romania’s stunning landscapes or dive into its rich history? We’ve got top travel tips about the Romanian leu currency and using cards in Romania.

Where can I buy Romanian leu?

Finding Romanian leu can seem daunting, but we’ve got your back. The best place to buy Romanian leu is Manor FX.

Change your pounds for Romanian leu before your trip to avoid any hassles. Our door-to-door delivery service makes getting your travel money a breeze.

You can buy Romanian leu online with us at fantastic rates, steering clear of the high fees at airports.

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young Romanian dancers in traditional costume present at the international folk festival

Is it RON or lei?

In Romania, the currency is officially called the Romanian Leu, and “Leu” means “lion” in Romanian. The code for the currency is RON, which stands for “Romanian New Leu.” 

So, when talking about prices or money in Romania, people might say “lei” (plural of “leu”) or use the currency code RON. Both refer to the same currency.

Can you buy Romanian leu in the UK?

Yes, we make getting your Romanian travel money in the UK easy. The best spot to buy Romanian leu is with Manor FX. 

We offer attractive rates and a smooth experience. Picking up your leu before you leave means you can fully enjoy your Romanian getaway.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Romania?

Definitely, changing money before your trip to Romania is a wise decision. Arriving with Romanian leu in your pocket means you’re all set from the get-go.

You’ll find less favourable rates at airports and tourist areas, so you’ll have less value for your money. Arranging your currency with Manor FX before you depart will lock in a better rate and make your budget go further.

Tourists Visiting And Having Lunch At Outdoor Restaurant Cafe Downtown Lipscani Street, one of the most busiest streets of central Bucharest.

What is the best currency to take to Romania?

The Romanian leu is Romania’s official currency. It’s the main medium for most transactions. Although euros might be accepted in some places, it’s not guaranteed. You could end up facing unfavourable exchange rates.

If you have any leu left after your trip, we offer a great Romanian leu to GBP rate at Manor FX.

Do they accept euros in Romania?

The Romanian leu is the official currency, yet euros might be accepted, especially in hotels, resorts, and for certain activities.

In busy tourist areas of cities like Bucharest, you may see prices in euros, but be cautious – the exchange rate might not be in your favour. The best approach? Always pay in leu for the best deals.

Having leu is essential for smaller purchases away from the main tourist spots. This avoids any exchange rate complications. To keep it simple and economical, stick with leu.

Why isn’t the euro used in Romania?

Romania doesn’t use the euro yet because it hasn’t met all the required conditions to adopt it. 

Countries in the European Union have to meet specific economic criteria, like having stable prices and public finances, before they can switch to the euro. 

Romania is working on meeting these conditions and plans to adopt the euro in the future, but this hasn’t happened yet. So, for now, Romania still uses its own currency, the Romanian leu (RON).

Dracula's medieval castle at night with full moon - Bran , Transylvania. Romania.

Is the Romanian leu a closed currency?

Yes, the Romanian leu (RON) is considered a closed currency. This means you can only usually buy or sell it in Romania. 

Can I use my bank or credit card in Romania?

Yes, many places in Romania welcome international card payments. Big hotels, major shops, malls, and large supermarkets accept international credit or debit cards.

Romania is also moving towards contactless payments. Keep an eye out for the contactless symbol to tap and pay. For larger transactions, you’ll need your PIN.

Just a heads-up: Watch out for currency conversion fees and bank charges. The Romanian leu to GBP rate from your bank might not be the best, as banks often add their own markups.

Do I need cash in Romania?

Romania appreciates cash, both banknotes and coins. Particularly for small buys like street food, local transport fares, or market souvenirs.

Cash transactions are usually quicker and more straightforward, as smaller vendors and shops in rural areas may not take cards.

However, having a card as a backup for more significant expenses or emergencies is wise.

In short, a mix of both works well in Romania. Use cash for small daily purchases and a card for bigger spending, just in case.

At Manor FX, we offer the best rate for Romanian leu, so remember to exchange any leftover currency when you’re back.

Is Romania an affordable country to visit?

Definitely, Romania suits all budgets. Local food and transport are wallet-friendly, and many attractions are free or have a small entry fee. With some planning, you can have a fabulous time without breaking the bank.

Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania, the Liars Bridge and view of Small Square and Council Tower

How much cash should I take to Romania?

Staying in Romania is quite affordable. Here’s a breakdown of individual expenses for a 7-day trip to Romania.

Low budget:

  • Accommodation (Hostels): £10-£15 per night
  • Food (Inexpensive meals and street food): £5-£10 per day
  • Public transport (Buses, metro): £1-£3 per day
  • Attractions (Free or low-cost sights): £5-£10 for the week
  • Miscellaneous (Souvenirs, snacks): £3-£5 per day

Total for the week: £133-£241 or approximately 732-1,322 RON

Mid-range budget:

  • Accommodation (Mid-range hotels or Airbnb): £30-£50 per night
  • Food (Moderate restaurants): £10-£20 per day
  • Transport (Public transport, occasional taxi): £5-£10 per day
  • Attractions (Paid entries, tours): £50-£100 for the week
  • Miscellaneous (Shopping, extra activities): £10-£20 per day

Total for the week: £435-£800 or 2,394-4,400 RON

High budget:

  • Accommodation (Luxury hotels): £70-£100+ per night
  • Food (High-end restaurants): £30-£50 per day
  • Transport (Rental car, taxis): £20-£40 per day
  • Attractions (Premium tours, experiences): £100-£200 for the week
  • Miscellaneous (Luxury shopping, spa): £30-£50 per day

Total for the week: £1,050-£1,570+ which is about 5,775-8,635+ RON

These totals give you a rough idea of what to expect for a week-long trip to Romania across different budgets. 

Remember, actual expenses can vary based on personal choices, travel style, and price changes.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Romania?

To keep fees low, use ATMs from well-known banks and try to withdraw larger amounts less often.

Check if your bank has partnerships with local banks to use their ATMs at no extra cost. Or, order Romanian leu from us in advance to sidestep ATM hassles altogether. 

How does tipping work in Romania?

Tipping is a way to show appreciation for good service. In restaurants, about 10% is standard, and a little extra for taxi drivers and hotel staff is always a nice gesture.

Retezat National Park Carpathians Romania

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Currency of Romania

Banknotes in Romania

Romanian leu banknotes issued by the National Bank of Romania come in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 500 leu denominations. Each note features vibrant colours and designs, making them easy to distinguish.

The front side of a lei banknote often showcases important Romanian figures, symbols, or landmarks.

The back side highlights Romania’s cultural and natural treasures, reflecting the country’s pride and heritage.

Romanian Lei banknotes

Romanian leu coins

In Romania, you’ll find coins in denominations like 1, 5, 10, and 50 bani. 100 bani equals 1 leu, which is like pounds and pence in the UK.

Each coin is unique in size and design, with elements representing Romanian culture, history, and iconic symbols. The 10 and 50 bani coins display Romania’s coat of arms on the front.

romanian new leu bani coins

Romania’s currency import and export regulations

You can bring in and take out up to RON 10,000 per person without declaring it. There’s no limit on foreign currency, but you must declare amounts over a certain threshold.

Ordering Romanian leu online

Swap your British pounds for Romanian leu with us. Benefit from a smooth transaction and speedy delivery to your doorstep. Or, visit our travel money shop near Heathrow to buy Romanian leu in the UK.

Choose your preferred payment method. Pay by bank transfer or debit card. Or you can pay on collection – by cash, credit, or debit card.

Selling back Romanian leu

Need to convert leftover Romanian leu to British pounds? Change your Romanian leu to pound sterling with us for a great rate, ensuring you get the most out of your currency exchange.

Brasov, Romania.  aerial view with snowy Christmas Market and Council Square, Transylvania landmark


Bucharest is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lively culture. It’s known as “Little Paris” because of its elegant streets and beautiful buildings. 

People also love Bucharest for its buzzing nightlife, delicious food, and the huge Parliament Palace, one of the biggest buildings in the world. It’s a city where old meets new, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Yes, many people in Romania speak English, especially the younger crowd and those working in tourism, like in hotels and restaurants. In big cities like Bucharest, you’ll find lots of English speakers. However, in smaller towns and rural areas, fewer people might speak English.

The most visited place in Romania is Bran Castle, which is often linked to the legend of Dracula. It’s known as “Dracula’s Castle” and attracts visitors with its mysterious history, stunning architecture, and beautiful surrounding landscapes. 

People come from all over to explore its rooms and learn about its connection to the famous vampire tale, even though the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, might not have actually lived there.

Romania is set to join the Schengen Area on 31 March 2024.
This means that travel between Romania and other Schengen countries will become easier, with no passport checks at internal air and sea borders starting from March 31st 2024 and at land borders from 31 December 2024.

Whether you need a visa for Romania depends on your nationality. You don’t need a visa for short visits if you’re from the EU, the US, Canada, or other countries with visa-free agreements.

But, if your country doesn’t have this kind of agreement with Romania, you will need to apply for a visa before your trip.

For Romania, there are no specific required vaccinations for most travellers. However, being current on routine shots like measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis is always good. 

Depending on what you plan to do, you might also consider vaccines for hepatitis A and B and rabies, especially if you’re going to be around animals or in rural areas. Always check with a healthcare provider for the most current advice before your trip.

The best time to visit Romania is during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). 

During these months, the weather is nice, not too hot or too cold, and the scenery is beautiful, with blooming flowers in spring and colourful leaves in autumn. 

These seasons are also less crowded, making it a great time to explore the country.

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