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A Uruguayan festival.

Planning a trip to Uruguay?

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Uruguayan currency travel money:

Planning a trip to Uruguay’s scenic spots? Not sure about using cash or card there? Let’s equip you with some handy info.

Where Can I Purchase Uruguayan pesos?

The Uruguayan peso (UYU) isn’t a major currency so its harder to find. You won’t find Uruguayan pesos at banks or the post office. But you will find it at online platforms like ours! 

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Over looking a Uruguayan beach side town.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Uruguay?

Yes, getting Uruguay currency before you fly is wise. It helps you dodge poor airport rates. And makes sure you have local cash for quick costs like taxis and nibbles when you land.

What is the best currency to bring to Uruguay?

The ideal currency for spending in Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso (UYU). Almost everywhere accepts it as the official tender. Although some spots may take US dollars, it’s not a sure thing, and you could find yourself paying a premium.

Therefore, stick with Uruguayan pesos to ensure a hassle-free and cost-effective journey.

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Is UYU a restricted currency?

No, the currency of Uruguay, the Uruguayan peso (UYU) isn’t a limited currency. It’s openly traded both inside Uruguay and on the global market.

Are there any other currencies accepted in Uruguay?

Yes, US dollars frequently get the nod in Uruguay, particularly in tourist hotspots, big cities, certain hotels, and shops. However, the exchange rate might not be as good.

Opting to settle bills or services in US dollars? You could get your change back in Uruguayan pesos. So, having some local currency at the ready can net you better deals.

Quick tip: If you’re bringing US dollars along, keep them in small denominations and ensure they’re in tip-top shape. Torn or aged notes might not pass muster.

Who uses the Uruguayan peso?

No other country uses the Uruguayan peso (UYU) as its official currency; it’s specific to Uruguay. It’s unique to Uruguay for all its financial transactions.

Can I use my debit card in Uruguay?

Definitely! Swiping your debit card in Uruguay offers a handy method to get funds while travelling. Big-name hotels and spacious shopping centres in places like Montevideo usually accept a wide range of international credit and debit cards.

Quick heads-up: Certain UK banks might slap on charges for overseas card usage. Also, their exchange rates for turning Uruguayan pesos into GBP may not offer the best value. To ensure smooth transactions, get in touch with your bank before using your card in Uruguay.

Should I use cash in Uruguay?

Absolutely, keeping some cash with you while wandering around Uruguay is sensible. Although credit and debit cards function nicely in Uruguayan cities, you could run into sellers who can’t process international cards and favour cash.

Cash still holds a vital role as a payment mode in Uruguay. Taxi drivers, street merchants, and tour guides frequently prefer cash-only dealings. So, stash some Uruguayan pesos in your wallet when cash is the go-to choice. Remember to exchange any remaining Uruguayan pesos back to GBP when you’re back from your adventure.

Is It better to use cash or card in Uruguay?

It is best to strike a balance between using cash and cards while in Uruguay. Here’s the breakdown: 

Using Cards: 

City Ease: Big Uruguayan cities like Montevideo broadly accept credit and debit cards. Handy for restaurants, hotels, and larger stores. Safety: Cards provide a secure means of carrying money. 

Using Cash: 

Rural Vendors: In less urbanised settings, small traders, market stalls, and local cafes lean towards cash.

Taxis: A lot of taxi drivers may only take cash, particularly in tinier communities or countryside locations. So, for taxi trips, you’ll need cash.

Plan B: Cash is a top-notch emergency option. If you can’t find a nearby ATM, you’ll feel relieved to have cash on hand for urgent outlays.

How much cash should I take to Uruguay?

The cash you’ll need in Uruguay hinges on your itinerary and spending limits. Living costs there can fluctuate based on area and time of year.

Budget-conscious travellers could manage on about 500 Uruguayan pesos a day, which roughly translates to £6.50. This should cover basics like grub and local travel. 

For a mid-range experience, allocate 1,000-1,500 Uruguayan pesos daily (around £13-£20). This will get you better food and fun activities.

If luxury’s your thing, reckon on 2,500-3,000 Uruguayan pesos each day (nearly £33-£40) for top-notch indulgence.

Keep in mind prices often spike during high tourist seasons. So, be sure to plan well. Thanks to savvy planning and a yen for local flavour, you can have a great time in Uruguay without emptying your wallet.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Uruguay?

Dodging ATM charges in Uruguay is a savvy way to keep more cash in your pocket. Here’s how to sidestep those fees:

Pick Big Banks: Stick with well-known Uruguayan banks for ATMs; they often charge lower or no fees for international actions. 

Go for Bigger Withdrawals: Skip frequent tiny withdrawals and opt for taking out a larger cash lump sum. Consult Your Bank: Touch base with your UK bank before jetting off to identify Uruguayan ATMs offering free cash withdrawals. 

Consider Prepaid Cards: Think about using prepaid travel cards. Load them with GBP and convert to Uruguayan pesos. These usually come with lower fees than typical debit or credit cards. 

Use Manor FX: Get some currency exchanged ahead of your trip. Manor FX gives you ace rates and delivers right to your doorstep. Investigate Local Banks: Scout out Uruguayan banks with tie-ups to banks in the UK.

How much is a typical meal in Uruguay?

Tucking into a good meal in Uruguay suits all kinds of budgets. Thanks to diverse cultural influences, the local food offers a tasty mix of flavours.

At a budget-friendly joint offering scrumptious Uruguayan dishes, plan to part with about 300-600 Uruguayan pesos (roughly £4-£8). 

For a three-course experience in a mid-range eatery, you’re looking at around 1,000-1,500 Uruguayan pesos (about £13-£20). Prices can climb higher in big cities like Montevideo. 

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Upscale seafood spots may dish up plates priced between 1,500-2,500 Uruguayan pesos (approximately £20-£33). A lot of these seaside restaurants serve up hearty portions, often big enough for sharing among a group.

A Uruguayan 5 fingered statue sticking out of a beach.

How does tipping work in Uruguay?

Tipping in Uruguay, often called “propina,” is quite usual but not strictly required. Here’s a quick rundown on how to tip in Uruguay: 

Eateries: A tip of roughly 10% of the total bill is the norm. Some posh or touristy restaurants may already add a service fee, so take a gander at your bill. 

Pubs: It’s usual to leave some loose change or to round up your bill as a gratuity. 

Cabs: Feel free to round off the fare as your tip. If the cabbie helps with bags or provides standout service, people appreciate an extra little something. 

Inns: While at hotels, it’s a good shout to tip the staff. The tip amount can fluctuate, but 5-10 Uruguayan pesos are typically standard. 

Guides and Chauffeurs: When you’re on a guided outing, it’s courteous to tip your guide as a thank-you gesture.

Is It rude not to tip in Uruguay?

No, skipping a tip in Uruguay won’t get you labelled rude. Tipping is an excellent way to express thanks but is not a social must-do in every scenario.

Is Uruguay expensive to visit?

Uruguay is friendly on the wallet for travellers. It has options to fit various budgets and tastes.

If you’re into coffee, expect to spend about 60-80 Uruguayan pesos (roughly £0.80-£1) per cup. 

Public transport is generally cheap, and taking long-haul buses is a smart way to see different cities. Many of Uruguay’s lovely natural spots and gorgeous beaches have low entry costs or are completely free.

But heads up! Visiting during the busy tourist season could see a bump in prices for lodging and activities.

All in all, Uruguay accommodates all sorts of budgets. A bit of planning and research can help you get the most bang for your buck during your Uruguayan escapade!

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Uruguayan currency 

Uruguayan notes:

Uruguayan banknotes are available in several denominations: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Uruguayan pesos. Handling these notes offers a window into Uruguay’s rich culture and history.

Uruguayan Peso banknotes

Uruguayan coins:

Known as “monedas,” Uruguayan coins come in 1, 2, 5, and 10 Uruguayan peso denominations. These coins often showcase distinctive designs that echo Uruguay’s unique identity.

Limits on cash entering Uruguay:

Typically, there are no limits for carrying less than 200,000 Uruguayan pesos (about £2,600) into or out of Uruguay. If you carry 200,000 Uruguayan pesos or more, you must declare this amount when entering or leaving the country.

Ordering uruguayan pesos online:

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Selling back Uruguayan pesos:

Got leftover Uruguayan pesos? Swap them for British pounds at Manor FX. We give you top-notch rates for your remaining Uruguayan currency. Scroll up to the currency calculator at the top of the page and click sell, then follow the steps.

A Uruguayan light house at sun set.


UK citizens usually don’t need a visa for short visits to Uruguay up to 90 days. Just show your passport upon arrival.

Make sure your passport is valid for the entire duration of your stay.

If you’re planning to stay longer, you’ll need to apply for an extension or a long-term visa. Always check the latest visa rules before your trip.

We recommend routine vaccinations like MMR, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, and polio for travel to Uruguay. Make sure you’re up to date on these.

Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are also advised for most travellers to Uruguay. These protect you from contaminated food or water.

Some travellers may need vaccinations for Hepatitis B, rabies, or yellow fever, depending on activities or specific regions visited.

It’s best to consult your GP or a travel clinic for personalised advice at least 6 to 8 weeks before your trip.

The best time to visit Uruguay is from December to March. This period offers warm weather, perfect for beach-going and outdoor activities.

April to November is cooler and quieter, which is good for avoiding crowds but not ideal for swimming. Choose your month based on your preferred activities!
Many people often consider January the best month to visit Uruguay. It’s peak summer, warm and full of events. The beaches are lively, and the vibe is festive.

Planning a trip to Uruguay and looking for the best places to visit in Uruguay? This South American gem offers a diverse range of popular tourist attractions in Uruguay, from bustling cities to serene beaches. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best tourist spots in Uruguay that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Montevideo: The capital city has vibrant markets, historic districts, and a beautiful coastline.
  2. Punta del Este: Known for its beaches, this is the go-to place for luxury and nightlife.
  3. Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage site, features cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.
  4. Rocha: A region famous for its unspoiled beaches and natural reserves.
  5. Piriápolis: A coastal town with a beautiful promenade and scenic hills.
  6. Salto: Known for its thermal springs, perfect for relaxation.
  7. Tacuarembó: Offers a glimpse of traditional gaucho culture.
  8. Casa Pueblo: An artistic building offering stunning sea views.
  9. Rambla of Montevideo: A long avenue, ideal for walks and people-watching.
  10. Cabo Polonio: A remote area with sand dunes and a famous lighthouse.

Each spot offers a unique experience, so there’s something for everyone!

Yes, Uruguay travel is generally safe for tourists. People often consider it one of the safer countries in Latin America. Common sense precautions like avoiding dodgy areas at night should keep you out of trouble. Explore Uruguay safely and always stay alert. Enjoy your trip!

Travel requirements for Uruguay can change, but generally, you’ll need a valid passport. UK citizens don’t usually need a visa for short stays. Some countries might need vaccinations or travel insurance. Always check the latest info before your trip.

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