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Cambodia calling! Learn all about currency in Cambodia 

What is the currency in Cambodia? 

The currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian riel. It’s the official money you’ll use while in Cambodia. The riel is abbreviated as KHR.

You might find it tricky to exchange your pounds to riel in the UK. Not all local banks and exchange shops keep riel on hand.

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A quick look at the history of Cambodian riel 

The riel was first introduced in 1953, the year Cambodia gained independence. Before that, the country used the French Indochinese piastre. During the Khmer Rouge regime, money was abolished. The riel was reintroduced in 1980 and has seen stability in recent years.

Concurrent Use of Foreign Currencies in Cambodia 

If you’re planning to use cash in Cambodia, knowing about its unique currency landscape is helpful. While the riel is the go-to for rural transactions, the United States dollar rules the cities and tourist hubs. You might also find the Thai baht accepted near the Thai border.

The “dollarisation” of Cambodia started in the ’80s, intensified in the early ’90s, and has held strong since. This influx of U.S. dollars was partly due to aid and spending by the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia in the early ’90s. It led to locals and tourists heavily using the dollar, so much so that ATMs often dispense U.S. dollars instead of riel.

Nowadays, major expenses like hotel stays and flights are often priced in dollars. You’ll find an almost universal exchange rate of 4,000 KHR to a U.S. dollar. When making purchases, expect to get your change in riel for fractions of a dollar.

Interestingly, the National Bank of Cambodia announced in June 2020 that small U.S. dollar notes ($1, $2, and $5) would be phased out. The aim is to reduce costs and promote the use of the riel. After August 2020, banks began to incur costs for handling these small-dollar notes.

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Cambodian banknotes 

Cambodian banknotes come in various sizes and designs, each with unique features. Here’s a quick rundown:

100 riel: Features a Buddhist temple and monks on the front and the Royal Palace on the back. 

500 riel: Highlights traditional Cambodian dance. The reverse shows a rural scene. 

1,000 riel: Front features a dam, and the back displays a textile factory. 

5,000 riel: Depicts King Norodom Sihanouk. The reverse side features a bridge. 

10,000 riel: Shows a local market scene. The back has a water buffalo.

Each banknote has security elements like watermarks and holograms to deter fake copies.

Cambodian Riel banknotes

Cambodian coins 

Cambodian coins are not commonly used. Most transactions in Cambodia happen with banknotes. Still, it’s good to know you might encounter:

50 riel: A small, lightweight coin. 

100 riel: Slightly larger, used infrequently.

Coins also feature aspects of Cambodian culture and history.

Where else uses Cambodian currency? 

The riel is mainly used in Cambodia. Some border areas might accept it, but it’s not widely accepted outside Cambodia. So, it’s smart to convert your riel back to GBP when you leave.

A Cambodian temple overlooking a lake.

Cambodian money – 5 interesting facts Keen to know more about the riel?

Here are five cool facts:

  1. King on Currency: Most banknotes feature the image of King Norodom Sihanouk.
  2.  Dollar Influence: The U.S. dollar is also widely accepted in Cambodia. 
  3. Staying Strong: The riel has seen more stability in recent years, thanks to economic growth. 
  4. No Small Change: Like the Albanian lek, the riel lacks a smaller subunit. 
  5. Royal Depictions: Various royal palaces and temples adorn the banknotes, representing Cambodia’s rich history.

How valuable is the Cambodian riel?

The Cambodian riel’s value often fluctuates. It’s generally less valuable compared to the British pound. For the latest rates, click here.

Cambodian currency symbol 

The currency symbol for the Cambodian riel is “៛”. The abbreviation “KHR” is often used for international dealings.


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