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Ruins of the Zvartnos temple in Yerevan, Armenia, with Mt Ararat in the background

Travelling to Armenia? 

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Armenian travel money

Discover essential tips for travelling to Armenia. Learn about cash and card payments when using Armenian dram currency.

How to buy Armenian dram?

You’re in luck if you’re looking to purchase Armenian travel money. While you won’t find them at most banks or the Post Office, Armenian dram is available online on sites like ours.

If you need Armenian currency quickly, remember that airport currency exchange kiosks are an option. However, airport exchange rates may be less favourable than online platforms like ManorFX!

Can you buy Armenian dram in the UK?

Yes, you can buy Armenian currency in the UK, but the dram is unique and less widely available. Convert your sterling to Armenian dram before you travel with Manor FX!

Is the Armenian dram pegged?

The Armenian dram is not pegged to any currency, and its value fluctuates based on market supply and demand.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Armenia?

Yes, exchanging some money before heading to Armenia is a wise idea. Having Armenian currency on hand is useful for small purchases and immediate expenses upon arrival.

Using local currency streamlines transactions, particularly in markets and local eateries. The pre-travel exchange allows you to avoid less advantageous airport rates and gives you control over the Armenian dram to pound exchange rate.

Armenian genocide memorial and its eternal flame, in Yerevan, Armenia.

What currency should I take to Armenia?

The best currency to take to Armenia is undoubtedly the Armenian dram (AMD). Using local currency is the most practical and cost-effective choice.

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Can I use my bank card in Armenia?

Yes, international bank cards are generally accepted in Armenia. Visa and MasterCard are common in major cities and tourist areas. However, smaller vendors in less urban areas may not accept cards.

Be mindful of potential card fees and currency conversion charges. Your bank’s exchange rate for converting AMD to GBP will unlikely be in your favour. 

Friendly reminder: Contact your bank before travelling to avoid unexpected card blocks.

Do I need cash in Armenia?

Yes. Cash is widely accepted and convenient across Armenia. Having some dram is particularly useful for exploring beyond the capital, Yerevan.

Colour-musical fountains in the central Republic Square.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Armenia?

A mix of both is advisable, but be cautious of bank fees. Cash is helpful in remote areas and local markets. Cash transactions can help you avoid extra card charges.

In summary, using a combination of cash and card is the best strategy when travelling in Armenia.

How much cash should I take to Armenia?

Planning your cash for a trip to Armenia? For backpackers, about 17,500 AMD, around £35 per day, lets you enjoy hostel stays, tasty street food, local transport, and budget-friendly activities like hiking. 

With a mid-range budget of around 43,000 AMD, around £85, you can increase your comfort with private hostels or Airbnbs, enjoy meals at budget restaurants, and splurge on activities like cable car rides.

Fancy a bit of luxury? Starting at 77,000 AMD, around £150 per day, you can indulge in hotels, gourmet meals, car rentals, and any tour that catches your eye. Remember, the sky’s the limit for luxury!

How can I avoid ATM fees in Argentina?

  • To reduce ATM fees, exchange money before your trip. 
  • Check if your home bank has partnership agreements with Armenian banks to save on fees.
  • Using local banks’ ATMs in Armenia may attract lower or no fees than international banks.
Amberd Church Armenia

How does tipping work in Armenia?

Tipping is only sometimes expected, but it’s a great way to show gratitude for excellent service.

Helpful reminder: Not tipping isn’t considered rude; it’s an optional gesture of appreciation.

Is Armenia a cheap country to visit?

Yes, Armenia offers excellent value for tourists. Food will be a pleasant surprise for your wallet. Armenia’s culinary scene offers a variety of delicious dishes at reasonable prices, from traditional barbecues to local specialities. 

Street food like shawarma and lahmajun (also known as Armenian pizza) is a delicious bargain, typically costing under 1,000 AMD, around £2. Try tan, a salty yoghurt drink, for about 300 AMD, about 60p for a refreshing drink. 

Armenian coffee is 800 AMD, around £1.60, and cappuccinos around 1,200 AMD, around £2.40. It’s a feast of flavours at friendly prices!

Outside the capital, Yerevan, accommodation is generally affordable, allowing for comfortable stays without overspending.

Public transportation in cities like Yerevan is economical, making exploration easy and budget-friendly.

Buy your Dram now

Prices may vary based on location and activities, but Armenia provides an enriching experience without a hefty price tag.

Armenian Currency

Banknotes in Armenian

The national currency is the Armenian dram (AMD). New Armenian dram banknotes were issued by the Central Bank in 2018 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the nation’s currency. 

Notes are available in 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 AMD denominations and feature cultural and historical motifs.

Each note tells a story about Armenia’s history, culture, and achievements. The banknotes are colourful and artistically designed, making them a point of interest for collectors and those interested in Armenian heritage.

Armenian Dram banknote series

Coins in Armenian

Armenian dram coins come in various denominations, including the 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 AMD. 

The design of Armenian dram coins features symbols of national importance. This includes historical figures, national symbols, and cultural or architectural landmarks. The designs aim to reflect Armenia’s rich heritage and identity.

Armenia’s currency import and export regulations

When travelling to Armenia, knowing these regulations is essential so everything goes smoothly.

Firstly, you can bring as much Armenian dram (AMD) into Armenia as you like. There’s no limit! But, if you carry more than $10,000 USD worth of currency, you’ll need to declare it when you enter or leave the country. 

It’s always a good idea to double-check with the Armenia Embassy or Consulate before your trip, just in case of any recent changes.

Ordering Armenian dram online

Easily acquire Armenian dram for your trip! Convert your GBP to Armenian dram online and have them promptly and safely delivered to your door or office, courtesy of Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®.

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Selling back Armenian dram

Got leftover Armenian dram from your trip? Exchanging it back to Pounds is a breeze! Just follow this link to see our sterling to Armenian dram exchange rate.

Select ‘sell currency’ and then choose ‘AMD Armenian dram’. We provide excellent rates for your remaining Armenian dram. Let’s ensure your currency exchange is beneficial!

view of mountain Ararat and Yerevan city.


If you’re a UK citizen planning a trip to Armenia, you’re in luck regarding visa requirements. As a UK passport holder, you can stay in Armenia for up to 180 days per year without needing a tourist visa​​​​.

For a trip to Armenia, certain vaccinations are recommended or required. These include vaccines for hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus and typhoid.

It’s important to consult a healthcare provider for personalised advice based on your health and travel plans.

The best time to visit Armenia depends on what you’re looking for in your travel experience. Here’s a roundup of opinions:

Summer (June–August): This season is perfect for enjoying the nation’s natural beauty and outdoor activities​​.

May to September: This is often recommended as the ideal time to visit. The weather is generally pleasant, with minimal rainfall. July and August are the warmest and sunniest months, offering long days perfect for sightseeing and soaking up the sun​​.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn is another great time to visit. The sunny and mild weather makes it ideal for exploring historical and religious sites. The country’s landscape, including its mountains, valleys, canyons, and forests, is stunning with autumnal colours​​​​.

Beginning or end of summer (May-June or September-October): These transitional months are also recommended for their mild weather, suitable for outdoor explorations. However, be aware that May can be quite rainy with occasional thunderstorms​​.

In conclusion, Armenia offers distinct experiences throughout the year. Summer provides warm, sunny days ideal for outdoor activities, while autumn offers mild weather and scenic beauty. Your choice depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for!

Armenia is generally safe for tourists, with low to medium crime rates. The country is in an active seismic zone, so be aware of earthquake risks.

Road conditions can be poor, and traffic safety is a concern, especially outside Yerevan. Standard safety precautions are usually sufficient for a safe visit.

The primary language spoken in Armenia is Armenian, a unique language with its own alphabet. English and Russian are also commonly spoken in tourist areas and larger cities.

In 2023, the dram rose in value. This is due to more money flowing in from folks abroad and a jump in exports and services. Plus, many more tourists and international IT pros popping into the country helped increase the demand for the dram.

All these combined, along with some neat overall economic perks, gave the dram a good lift in the market. Quite an exciting time for Armenia’s currency!

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Armenian Dram Fast!

  • Free home delivery over £750
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