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Azerbaijani travel money

Get the lowdown on travelling to this unique destination. Here is some handy Azerbaijan travel advice about cash and card payments in Azerbaijan when using manat currency.

Can you buy Azerbaijani manat in the UK?

Absolutely, but because Azerbaijani manat is an obscure currency, there aren’t many places to buy them. 

Where can I buy Azerbaijani manat?

If you want to get your hands on some Azerbaijan manat in the UK, you’re in luck! While the traditional options like banks and the Post Office don’t stock this currency. You can find Azerbaijani manat online at websites like ours.

If you’re in a pinch and need some manat right away. Keep in mind that you can often find currency exchange kiosks at airports. But while it’s a convenient option, the 

Azerbaijan currency rate will be less friendly than you’d hoped.

That means less money in your pocket. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck. Going online to platforms like is going to be the smarter move.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Azerbaijan?

Absolutely, it’s generally a good idea to exchange some money before you travel to Azerbaijan. Having a bit of local currency on hand can be handy for small purchases and other immediate expenses when you arrive.

Having local currency ensures smoother transactions, especially in markets and local eateries. Exchanging money before travel gives you better control over the Azerbaijani manat rate. This saves you from less favourable rates at airports.

What is the best currency to take to Azerbaijan?

The best currency to take to Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN). Using the local currency in Azerbaijan is the most convenient and cost-effective option. 

Major credit cards might be accepted in larger cities and tourist areas. Local currency is still essential for smaller establishments, markets, transportation, and places that prefer cash payments.

Exchanging your GBP pounds to Azerbaijani manat before you travel will help you manage your expenses and ensure you get the best value.

It’s always a good idea to have a mix of payment options. Some local currency for everyday expenses and cards for more significant transactions or emergencies.

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Can I use my bank card in Azerbaijan?

Yes, you can generally use your international bank card in Azerbaijan. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in major cities and tourist areas for making payments at hotels, restaurants and other establishments that cater to tourists.

However, smaller vendors and shops in more remote areas of Azerbaijan may only sometimes have a card terminal.

If you plan to make card payments in Azerbaijan, watch out for card fees and currency conversion charges. Your bank’s exchange rate for converting AZN to GBP won’t be favourable. High rates are how banks make money.

Before using your bank card for payments while in the Caucasus region, we recommend contacting your bank. This step can prevent your card from being unexpectedly blocked.

Should I use cash in Azerbaijan?

Yes. Cash is a trusted and convenient way to pay throughout the country. Having some Azerbaijani manats in cash is a great idea when you set out for your adventure. Especially if you’re planning to explore beyond the vibrant capital, Baku. 

Azerbaijan’s law doesn’t allow vendors to accept foreign currency, even though manat banknotes might resemble Euros. Finding a vendor who takes Euro banknotes for payment is rare. 

That’s why having manat banknotes on hand is a smart move. They’ll come to the rescue if card payments aren’t an option.

The Heydar Aliyev Center, a performing arts building located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Azerbaijan?

A mix is a good idea, but watch out for those bank fees! Having some Azerbaijani manat (AZN) in cash can be handy, especially in places that prefer cash payments. 

This is especially true for more remote areas and local markets. Cash is often more convenient and hassle-free for things like street food, public transportation, or buying souvenirs from local vendors.

While using cards might involve many fees, cash transactions can help you avoid these extra costs.

In summary, a combination of cash and card usage is often the best approach when travelling in Azerbaijan. 

How can I avoid ATM fees in Azerbaijan?

Make sure you exchange a good chunk of your money before you travel. This can help you minimise the number of times you need to hit the ATMs.

Check if your home bank has any partner banks in Azerbaijan. If they do, using those ATMs might save you from some fees. 

Instead of making multiple small withdrawals, consider taking out more cash in one go. This way, you’re hit with the ATM fee just once rather than every time you visit the machine.

If possible, try using ATMs from local banks in Azerbaijan. They might have lower or no fees compared to international bank ATMs.

Is Azerbaijan cheap for tourists?

Absolutely, Azerbaijan can be pretty budget-friendly for tourists!

Regarding your travel budget, Azerbaijan offers a lot of bang for your buck. The cost of living is on average, 53% lower than in the UK.

You will likely pay around 4-5 manat for a coffee in a cafe in Baku. That’s about £1.80. A three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant costs in the area of 25 AZN. That’s about £12.

Accommodation, especially outside the capital city of Baku, tends to be reasonably priced.

This allows you to find comfortable places to stay without emptying your wallet. 

Local transportation, like buses and the metro in Baku, is also quite affordable. You can make exploring easy without worrying too much about transportation costs.

Food is another area where your wallet will thank you. You’ll find a delicious variety of local dishes that will satisfy your budget. From mouthwatering kebabs to flavorful pilaf, there’s something for every palate.

Of course, prices can vary depending on where you go and what activities you choose. While some attractions might have entrance fees, they’re usually very reasonable. And if you’re a fan of markets and local products, you’re in for a treat. Haggling is often part of the shopping experience, leading to great deals!

In a nutshell, Azerbaijan can be a fantastic destination for travellers looking for affordability without skimping on the experience. Your money can go a long way, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful country’s beauty, culture, and flavours. Have a fantastic time exploring Azerbaijan on a budget-friendly adventure!

How much cash should I take to Azerbaijan?

Depending on how much cash you want to splash. For a week-long holiday in Azerbaijan, take:

  • Local Currency: Bring around 100 to 150 Azerbaijani manat (AZN) per day. That’s about £50 to £70. This covers more minor expenses like food and local transportation. So, having around 700 to 1000 AZN for a week should have you covered. That’s about £300 to £500.
  • Accommodation: Depending on your preferences, you might spend anywhere from 50 to 150 AZN per night for mid-range lodging. That’s about £20 to £70. For a week, that could be roughly 350 to 1050 AZN. That’s about £160 to £500.  
  • Activities and Fun: If you plan on diving into attractions, tours, or local experiences, factor in those costs too. Setting aside around 50 to 100 AZN per activity can give you some wiggle room. That’s about £20 to £50. 

Remember, these are just rough estimates. Expenses will vary based on your budget and spending. It’s always better to have a little extra cash than to run out, so give yourself some wiggle room.

How does tipping work in Azerbaijan?

Tipping in Azerbaijan is not always expected.  But it is appreciated as a gesture of good service. While it might not be as common as in some other countries, leaving a tip is considered courteous. It can be an excellent way to show your appreciation for the service you’ve received.

Is it rude not to tip in Azerbaijan?

In Azerbaijan, not tipping isn’t seen as rude. Tipping is more like a sprinkle of kindness to brighten someone’s day. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, you did a great job!” and spreading good vibes.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re not tipping, don’t stress too much. However, it’s a lovely way to show appreciation if you’ve received excellent service and can leave a little tip.

An impressive fortified mountain top garden.

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Azerbaijani currency:

Banknotes in Azerbaijan

The national currency is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN).  The banknotes come in various denominations, each with a little piece of the country’s culture and history.

You’ll find vibrant banknotes featuring iconic landmarks, historical figures, and traditional motifs. From the ancient to the modern, these banknotes tell a story as you hold them in your hands.

It’s clear where Azerbaijan got the inspiration for its banknotes from. All manat banknotes have a striking resemblance with Euro banknotes.

The denominations in circulation in Azerbaijan are 1 AZN, 5 AZN, 10 AZN, 20 AZN, 50 AZN, 100 AZN and 200 AZN.

Make sure only to accept the banknotes issued since 2005. Older banknotes are worthless.

A colourful collection of Azerbaijani Manat bank notes.

Coins in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani coins range from 1 qepic (0.01 AZN) to 50 qepic (0.50 AZN). Even the Azerbaijani coins seem similar to the coins from the Eurozone.

Azerbaijan currency import and export regulations

Bringing Azerbaijani manat (AZN) into Azerbaijan is totally cool. You can bring in as much as you want. But you might need to declare it at customs if it’s above a specific limit. Just check with the local regulations to know the exact amount.

If you’re leaving Azerbaijan, you can take up to 10,000 AZN without declaring it. You must let the customs folks know if you carry more than that.

Remember, the regulations might change, so it’s wise to check with the Azerbaijan Embassy or Consulate before you go. These rules are just there to keep things transparent and easy for everyone.

Ordering Azerbaijani manat online

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Selling back Azerbaijani manat 

Have you got some Azerbaijani manat to exchange? It’s easy! Just click on the provided link to swap your Azerbaijani manat for Pounds

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UK citizens don’t need a visa to enter Azerbaijan for short stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. How cool is that?

Always double-check the latest visa requirements before you jet off to ensure everything has stayed the same. You can visit the official Azerbaijani embassy or consulate Azerbaijani authorities website. That way, you can have a smooth and hassle-free entry to the land of fire and warmth.

Luckily, there aren’t any mandatory vaccinations required for entering Azerbaijan.

If you’re dreaming about wandering through the beautiful landscapes of Azerbaijan, timing can make all the difference. The best season to explore this gem of a country is spring and autumn. These months fall between April to June and September to October.

The weather starts comfortably warm in spring, and the landscapes burst into colourful blooms. It’s like the whole country is celebrating nature’s parade!

Then there’s autumn – when the scorching summer heat starts to cool down, making it ideal for outdoor explorations. The landscapes are painted with golden hues, and it’s a photographer’s dream.

Summer can get pretty toasty. So, if you’re all about the heat and want to experience lively summer festivals, that might be your jam. 

But if you’re looking for the sweet spot where the weather is just right, you can enjoy everything from historical sites to scenic wonders comfortably. Spring and autumn are the winning seasons.

Of course, always watch travel advisories and updates before you go. But no matter when you visit, Azerbaijan’s warm hospitality and stunning sights will welcome you with open arms.

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