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tobacco bay and hiker in st. george's bermuda

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Bermuda travel money

Dreaming of lounging on the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay or wandering through the historic streets of St. George’s? You’ll need the correct currency. Here’s the lowdown:

Where can I get Bermuda dollars?

Bermudian dollars aren’t as common as some foreign currencies, but we offer competitive rates and easy delivery.

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Should I take cash to Bermuda?

Absolutely. It’s wise to exchange some GBP to Bermudian dollars to take with you before you jet off. 

This way, you have legal tender for immediate expenses like taxis and snacks, especially if you land when exchanges are shut.

While cards are widely accepted in Bermuda, having some cash is handy for smaller shops and local markets.

What is the best currency to take to Bermuda?

The Bermudian dollar (BMD) is your go-to. It’s the official currency of Bermuda. 

Can you pay with USD in Bermuda?

Yes, you can pay with USD (United States dollars) in Bermuda. Due to their one-to-one peg, The island accepts Bermudian dollars (BMD) and US dollars interchangeably. This means one Bermudian dollar has the same value as one US dollar. 

Bermuda Gombey troupe performing in a Smiths neighborhood

Can I use my ATM card in Bermuda? 

Yep, most tourist spots take debit cards. But it’s always good to have some cash, just in case.

Check if your credit cards work abroad. Visa and Mastercard are usually fine, but it’s less common to see American Express.

Watch out for conversion fees and give your bank a heads-up to avoid any card issues.

What is the best way to pay for things in Bermuda? 

Cash is often preferred, especially for smaller transactions. Bigger places like hotels and fancy eateries will likely take cards, but many spots prefer cash.

Should I use cash or card in Bermuda? 

Having both is wise, but cash is more universally accepted, particularly for smaller expenses.

Keep these pointers in mind:

  • ATMs are easy to find in towns and tourist areas but less so off the beaten path. Carry enough cash when exploring further afield.
  • Be careful with card use to avoid scams. Stick to well-known businesses and keep an eye on your spending.
  • Bermudian dollars are best to avoid poor exchange rates and fees.
  • Having smaller notes is handy for daily spends. Big bills can be a hassle to break.
  • Tell your bank about your travel plans to keep your card active.
  • Have a backup payment option ready for emergencies.

A mix of cash (mainly) and a card as a backup usually works best.

How do I avoid ATM fees in Bermuda?

To cut down on ATM charges:

  • Use ATMs at major banks in Bermuda.
  • Take out more significant sums less often.
  • Check if your bank has fee-free arrangements with any Bermudian banks.

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Isolated cove with crystal clear still water, surrounded by vibrant green foliage as early morning light starts to light up the sky. Jobsons Cove, Bermuda

Is Bermuda cheap or expensive?

Bermuda can be on the pricey side, but with some planning, you can find more budget-friendly options.

Your spending will depend on how you like to travel, where you stay, and what you fancy doing.

Budget travel tips:

  • Opt for cheaper hostels or local guesthouses.
  • Eat where the locals do. Street eats, and small cafes are tasty and won’t break the bank.
  • Get around using public transport or shared rides.
  • Stick to free or cheap activities like beach days, hikes, or exploring towns.

Touristic hotspot prices can be higher, so plan and budget according to your style and interests.

How much cash should I bring to Bermuda?

For a 7-day trip, here’s a rough guide:

Budget trip

  • Stay: Budget accommodations might start around £100 (130 BMD) per night due to Bermuda’s higher cost of living.
  • Food: Eating at local spots could cost around £28 (36 BMD) per day.
  • Transport: Public or shared transport might cost about £12 (16 BMD) daily.
  • Activities: Engaging in free or low-cost activities could still lead to about £40 (52 BMD) per day for incidental expenses.

Daily total: £180 (234 BMD)
Weekly total: £1,260 (1,638 BMD)

Mid-range trip

  • Stay: Mid-level hotels can be around £200 (260 BMD) per night.
  • Food: Dining at decent restaurants might be about £56 (73 BMD) per day.
  • Transport: Rentals or shared taxis could cost around £40 (52 BMD) daily.
  • Activities: Paid outings and entrance fees might lead to £80 (104 BMD) daily.

Daily total: £376 (489 BMD)
Weekly total: £2,632 (3,423 BMD)

Luxury trip

  • Stay: Luxury accommodations could start at £400 (520 BMD) per night.
  • Food: High-end dining might cost around £112 (146 BMD) daily.
  • Transport: Private rides could be about £80 (104 BMD) daily.
  • Activities: Premium tours and experiences might run £160 (208 BMD) daily.

Daily total: £752 (978 BMD)
Weekly total: £5,264 (6,846 BMD)

These estimates provide a rough guide. Actual expenses can vary based on personal preferences, travel style, and any changes in currency value or local pricing. 

Always plan for a buffer in your budget for unexpected expenses or splurges to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Is tipping customary in Bermuda

Tipping is common practice. Around 15% in restaurants and a few pounds daily for hotel staff is typical Bermudian tipping etiquette.

Crystal Cave in Bermuda

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Bermuda money

Bermudian dollars

Bermudian dollar notes are a vivid tapestry of the island’s rich heritage and natural wonders. 

From the iconic pink sand beaches to the historic figures that shaped the island, the imagery on these notes serves as a mini-tour of Bermuda’s culture and landscapes. 

There are various denominations in circulation $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100, each distinguished by unique colors and designs. This variety facilitates everyday transactions and celebrates the island’s diverse identity.

Bermudian Dollar banknotes

Bermudian coins

Coins come in denominations such as 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and also include the $1 coin, each with its unique design that pays homage to Bermuda’s natural beauty and historical landmarks.

The designs range from the island’s famous wildlife, like birds and fish, to symbols of its cultural and historical significance. 

Bermuda has issued commemorative coins on various occasions. These coins are special editions released to mark significant events, anniversaries, or notable figures related to Bermuda’s heritage and culture. 

What is Hogge Money

Hogge Money is Bermuda’s first currency, minted around 1616 and named after the wild hogs found on the islands. 

These early coins, featuring a hog on one side and denominations in Roman numerals on the other, were among the first made for English colonies in the Americas. 

Today, Hogge Money is highly valued by collectors for its historical significance, marking a key chapter in Bermuda’s colonial history and early economy.

Bermuda’s currency import and export regulations

Bermuda has rules for bringing in and taking out money. Here’s a quick overview:

Import rules

You can bring any amount of foreign cash into Bermuda. Just declare amounts over £7,500 at customs.

Export rules

The same goes for leaving. You can take out up to £7,500 without declaring it. For more, you’ll need to declare and possibly show proof of where the money came from.

These rules help stop illegal financial activities. Stick to them to keep your trip smooth.

Bermudian dollars – order online

Order Bermudian dollars online with us for quick, secure delivery. Or pick them up from our shop near Heathrow. We offer the best rates for your pound sterling to BMD exchange.

Would you prefer to talk to someone? Change your pounds to Bermudian dollars in-store for the same excellent currency exchange rates.

Selling back Bermudian dollars

Do you need to exchange leftover BMD to pounds? Visit our site and click ‘sell currency’. We offer great rates for your BMD to GBP conversion.

The colorful village of Flatts, in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, is built around the Harrington Sound lagoon and the Flatts inlet


Whether you need a visa to visit Bermuda depends on your nationality. Many visitors, including those from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and other European countries, do not need a visa for short tourist stays. 

However, you should have a valid passport. Checking the latest entry requirements before your trip is always a good idea, as rules can change.

No, you don’t usually need special vaccinations to go to Bermuda for a typical trip. But staying updated with routine vaccines, like measles and flu, is always a good idea. It’s wise to check health advice before you travel in case things change.

The best time to visit Bermuda is from April to October. The weather is warm and sunny during these months, perfect for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. 

April and May are great for avoiding the summer crowds while still enjoying beautiful weather.

Remember, June to November is hurricane season, so keep an eye on the weather if you plan to visit during these months.

  • Weather: Bermuda enjoys a mild, subtropical climate. The best time to visit is between April and October for warm, beach-friendly weather.
  • Currency: The Bermudian dollar (BMD) is on par with the US dollar, and both currencies are accepted everywhere.
  • Transport: Renting a scooter is a popular way to get around, as tourists can’t rent cars. Public buses and ferries are also efficient.
  • Left-side driving: Remember, driving is on the left side of the road, following British tradition.
  • Dress code: Bermuda shorts are more than just fashion; they’re part of a formal dress code, especially in the city of Hamilton.
  • Conservation efforts: Respect local conservation efforts by not touching or taking marine life and coral.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi is widely available, but roaming charges can be high, so consider a local SIM card for longer stays.
  • Water safety: Tap water is safe to drink, but due to the island’s reliance on rainwater, it’s wise to use it sparingly.
  • Healthcare: Medical facilities are good, but health services can be expensive. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Customs regulations: Bermuda has strict customs regulations, especially on importing pets and certain goods. Check the rules before you pack.

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