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The medieval fortress of Golubac, mirroring in the waters of the Danube.

Travelling to Serbia?

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Planning a trip to Serbia? Get the best rates for Serbian dinar online and make your holiday memorable. Order your dinar from Manor FX today, and enjoy your trip with some extra cash in your pocket.

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Serbian travel money

Serbia is a captivating destination with a rich history and vibrant culture. As you prepare for your trip, it’s good to know about cash and card payments in this beautiful country.

Where can you get Serbian dinar?

The Serbian dinar is a unique currency and may not be readily available at local banks or exchange offices in the UK. 

To avoid any last-minute hassles, it’s wise to plan ahead. We provide excellent exchange rates and the convenience of having your Serbian dinars delivered right to your doorstep. 

We aim to make your currency exchange experience as smooth as possible. Alternatively, you can visit our Manor FX bureau near Heathrow for a more personal service. You’ll still enjoy our fantastic rates when you visit us in person.

View of the saint sava cathedral in Belgrade, Serbia

Where can I exchange Serbian dinar in the UK online?

You can easily buy Serbian dinar in the UK online with Manor FX. Most currency exchange offices and banks will not offer them. This is because the dinar is less commonly available than other currencies.

Simplify your life by converting your British pounds to Serbian dinar! Our process is straightforward, and we offer free delivery for orders over £750.

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Is Serbian dinar a closed currency?

The Serbian dinar is a closed currency, meaning it isn’t widely available on international foreign exchange markets. Buying or selling Serbian dinars outside of Serbia is generally tricky.

At Manor FX, we are the only providers of Serbian currency. So make sure to convert your GBP to Serbian dinars before you travel.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Serbia?

Yes, it’s a good idea to have some local currency with you when you travel to Serbia. This lets you cover immediate expenses like transportation or small purchases upon arrival. 

You can also avoid the poor exchange rate at the airports by converting your pounds to dinar with Manor FX.

Restaurant Hat my in Skadarska street  in Belgrade. Old restaurants, cobblestones and lots of greenery.

What is the best currency to take to Serbia?

The best currency to take is the Serbian dinar, as it’s the country’s local currency.

But just so you know, some places might accept euros – only in banknotes – as a friendly gesture. So, carrying dinars is your best bet.

Can I use my bank card in Serbia?

Yes, you can use your international debit and credit cards in major Serbian cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad.

While cards are widely accepted in cities, cash is often preferred in rural areas. Therefore, having the local currency is advisable for those situations.

Should I use cash in Serbia?

Cash is commonly used in Serbia, especially in rural areas or for transactions with local vendors and small businesses.

In larger cities, cards are widely accepted, but having some dinar on hand for various needs is always good.

Helpful Tip: Carrying smaller notes and coins is useful for tipping and small purchases in Serbia.

If you have any leftover travel money, remember to convert your Serbian dinars to UK pounds once you return.

Town of Sombor colorful umbrella street, Vojvodina region of Serbia

Is it better to use cash or credit card in Serbia?

Having a mix of cash and credit cards is a good idea in Serbia. While many places in cities accept credit cards, cash is still king, especially in smaller towns or for smaller purchases. 

Having some Serbian dinars on hand will make your shopping and dining experiences super smooth. 

How much cash should I take to Serbia?

Planning how much cash to take to Serbia? It depends on your travel style!

For a comfortable daily budget, 6,000 to 8,000 dinars (roughly £45 to £60) should cover meals, transportation, and sightseeing. 

For more budget-friendly travel, 3,000 to 4,000 dinars (£22 to £30) per day can work. 

Of course, if you love splurging more on experiences, dining, or shopping, you might want to increase your budget. Remember, having a mix of cash and cards is always handy. 

Quick reminder: If you have any leftover dinars when you return, convert your Serbian dinars to GBP with Manor FX.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Serbia?

When in Serbia, avoiding ATM fees can enhance your travel experience! Here’s a guide:

Select ATM networks carefully: Choose ATMs affiliated with well-known networks like Visa or Mastercard, as they often have lower or no fees.

Local bank ATMs: Using ATMs of local Serbian banks can be cost-effective compared to international ones, especially for foreign card transactions.

Larger withdrawals: To cut down on fees, withdraw larger amounts at a time rather than multiple small amounts.

Consult your bank: Before heading to Serbia, check if your bank has partnerships with any Serbian banks. Some have arrangements for fee-free ATM use.

Steer clear of dynamic currency conversion: Always withdraw in Serbian dinars rather than your home currency to avoid additional fees.

Think about prepaid travel cards: These cards often incur lower ATM fees. Just double-check their conditions first.

Plan ahead with online exchanges: Consider converting to Serbian dinars before your trip to avoid ATM use altogether.  

Banjska stena viewpoint in Tara National Park, Serbia. Beautiful landscape of the Drina river canyon and its green cliffs, and blue Perucac Lake.

How does tipping work in Serbia?

Tipping is a way to show appreciation in Serbia, but isn’t obligatory. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Restaurants and cafés: About 10% tipping is usual, more if the service is exceptional.
  • Bars: Rounding up your bill or leaving a small tip is appreciated.
  • Hotels: Tips for housekeepers and porters are welcomed.
  • Taxi drivers and tour guides: Tipping is customary for good service.
  • Other services: Hairdressers and similar service providers usually receive a 10% tip.

Is Serbia a cheap country to visit?

Compared to many European countries, Serbia offers excellent value for travellers. The cost of meals, transportation, and activities is generally lower.

  • Food: Local and traditional Serbian dishes are affordable and delicious.
  • Transportation: Public transport like buses and trams offer reasonable prices.
  • Activities and entertainment: Many historical sites and cultural experiences in Serbia are free or low-cost.
  • Shopping: Markets and local shops have a variety of souvenirs at budget-friendly prices.

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Serbian Currency

Banknotes in Serbia

The Serbian dinar is the official currency. The banknotes, issued by the National Bank of Serbia, feature designs that reflect the country’s history and culture. 

You may be wondering what is the 3 letter code for the Serbian dinar? It’s RSD

They come in various denominations, including 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 dinars.

Serbian Dinar banknote series

Coins in Serbia

Serbian coins, or ‘para,’ range from small denominations like 1, 2, and 5 dinars to 10 and 20 dinars.

Serbian Dinar coin series

Serbia’s currency import and export regulations

You can bring in and take out currency up to the value of €10,000 EUR with no fuss. If you’re planning on carrying more than that, just make sure to have a certificate of import or a document showing the currencies are from foreign currency accounts or savings accounts. 

Ordering Serbian dinar online

Order your Serbian dinars from us and have them quickly and safely delivered to your home or office, or opt for pickup near Heathrow.

Selling back Serbian dinar

Our platform offers competitive rates for converting Serbian dinar to pounds, ensuring you get more for your money.

Landscape with Wild Horses Feeding in Mountain Meadow. Beautiful scene on Stara Planina Mountain in Serbia.


If you’re travelling to Serbia from the UK, you’re in luck – you don’t need a visa for short stays up to 90 days. Just make sure your passport is all set for your journey. 

When planning your trip to Serbia, it’s great to know that no specific vaccinations are required for entry. However, it’s always a good idea to be up to date with your routine vaccinations. 

No matter when you choose to visit, Serbia’s rich history, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality will make your trip memorable. Here’s a quick breakdown of the best times to visit:

Spring (May to June): This period is delightful in Serbia. The country blooms with flowers, and the weather is just right – not too hot or cold. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking in the national parks or strolling through cities. Plus, the spring festivals are in full swing, giving you a taste of Serbia’s vibrant culture.

Summer (July to August): If you love warm weather and lively atmospheres, summer is also a great time to visit. However, it can get pretty hot, especially in urban areas like Belgrade. This season is ideal for enjoying Serbia’s outdoor cafes, vibrant nightlife, and the famous EXIT music festival in Novi Sad.

Fall (September to October): As the heat of summer subsides, fall brings a cosy and comfortable climate. It’s a fantastic time to explore Serbia’s historical sites and enjoy the stunning autumn foliage, especially in the mountainous regions. The grape harvest in the wine regions of Serbia also happens in the fall, which is perfect for wine enthusiasts.

Winter (November to February): While it’s colder and some tourist attractions might have reduced hours, winter has its charm too, especially if you’re into winter sports. The mountain resorts like Kopaonik are popular for skiing and snowboarding. Plus, experiencing a Serbian Christmas and New Year’s celebrations can be quite magical.

Travelling to Serbia right now is generally considered safe. Like any destination, staying updated on current travel advice and local news is a good idea. 

Keep an eye on travel advisories, and once you’re there, embracing the usual safety precautions will help ensure you have a fantastic and secure trip. 

In Serbia, the language you’ll hear most is Serbian. It’s a beautiful language with a rich history. And here’s something cool: Serbian can be written in both Cyrillic and Latin scripts! 

Don’t worry if you’re not fluent; many Serbians speak English quite well, especially the younger crowd and in larger cities.

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