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Travelling to Tajikistan?

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Tajikistan travel money

Ready to explore Tajikistan’s breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture? Here’s some handy info about handling cash and card payments in Tajikistan.

Where can I buy Tajikistani somoni?

The Tajikistani somoni isn’t commonly found in the UK. 

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 Fruit and vegetable stalls at bazaar in Penjikent, Tajikistan

Can you buy Tajikistani somoni in the UK?

Yes! Buy Tajikistani somoni in the UK through our online bureau de change. Our platform makes converting GBP to Tajikistani somoni a breeze. Plus, we offer free delivery for orders over £750.

Should I exchange money before travelling to Tajikistan?

Definitely! Exchanging money before travelling is wise. You can exchange currency in Tajikistan, but having Tajikistani somoni on arrival is super convenient for initial expenses like transport or food.

What is the best currency to take to Tajikistan?

The official currency, Tajikistani somoni, is your best bet. It enhances your travel experience, allowing you to dive into local life and culture.

Tajikistan Fann mountain, Kulikalon lakes

Does Tajikistan use the dollar?

Tajikistan does not use the US dollar as its official currency. The country’s official currency is the Tajikistani somoni (TJS).

However, US dollars might be accepted in some businesses, like in many countries. Especially those catering to tourists, such as hotels and travel agencies.

For everyday transactions like shopping in local markets, dining in smaller restaurants, and using public transport, the Tajikistani somoni will be required.

Can I use euros in Tajikistan?

Euros are not widely accepted for everyday transactions. However, some businesses, especially those catering to tourists, might accept it. 

This is more likely in larger hotels, upscale restaurants, and travel agencies in major cities.

However, for most of your expenses, especially in local markets, smaller shops, and for transportation, you will need Tajikistani somoni.

Can I use my bank card in Tajikistan?

In Tajikistan, using a debit or credit card is possible but with some limitations. Here’s what you should know:

  • Major cities and hotels. You can often use credit and debit cards in larger cities like Dushanbe and major hotels.
  • Tourist facilities. Some tourist-oriented facilities and upscale restaurants may accept card payments.
  • ATMs. You’ll find ATMs in cities where you can withdraw Tajikistani somoni using your card.

Cash is still the preferred payment method in many places, especially outside major urban areas. Small shops, local markets, and rural areas may not have card facilities.

View of Hisor Fortress in Tajikistan,

How do you avoid ATM fees in Tajikistan?

To minimise fees:

  • Use ATMs at major banks.
  • Check international fees with your bank.
  • Withdraw larger amounts less frequently.
  • Use cash, specifically Tajikistani somoni, to avoid poor exchange rates.

Is Tajikistan cheap for tourists?

Tajikistan is generally considered an affordable destination for tourists, especially compared to travel costs in many Western countries. Here are some aspects that make it budget-friendly:

  • Accommodation. You’ll find many budget options, including guesthouses and hostels. Even mid-range hotels are often reasonably priced.
  • Food and dining. Local eateries offer delicious meals at low costs. Street food and market food are also especially affordable.
  • Transport. Public transport like buses and shared taxis is inexpensive. Private taxis are more costly but still quite reasonable by Western standards.
  • Attractions. Many natural attractions, like hiking in the mountains, can be enjoyed at little to no cost. Some historical sites and museums may have entrance fees, which are typically modest.
  • Shopping. Local markets offer goods and souvenirs at low prices, especially if you’re good at bargaining.

However, costs can increase if you opt for luxury accommodations, private tours, or upscale dining. Overall, Tajikistan offers a range of options for various budgets, making it an excellent destination for budget-conscious and more comfort-oriented travellers.

How much cash should I take to Tajikistan?

The amount of cash to take to Tajikistan depends on your travel style, length of stay, and planned activities. Here’s a rough guide to help you estimate:

Daily expenses

Budget around 100-300 Tajikistani somoni (TJS) daily for meals, transport, and small purchases. That’s between £7.50 and £22.50.

Local meals and public transport are cheap, but you’ll need more if you prefer dining in upscale restaurants or using private taxis.


Prices vary widely. Budget accommodations may cost around 100-200 TJS per night, while mid-range hotels could be about 300-500 TJS. That’s approximately £22.50 and £35.


Entrance fees for museums or historical sites are usually low. If you plan on guided tours or special activities like hiking excursions, budget more.

Emergency fund

Have some cash put by for unexpected expenses. An additional 1000-2000 TJS could be a good buffer. That’s around £72 and £145.

ATMs and cards

While ATMs are available in cities, rural areas might have limited access. Also, not all places accept cards, so cash is essential.

Duration of stay

Naturally, the longer your stay, the more money you’ll need.

For a week-long trip, a reasonable budget could be around 700-2100 TJS for basic daily expenses. (£50.50-£151.50). 

You’ll also need extra for your accommodation, activities, and emergencies. Adjust this estimate based on your travel style and planned activities.

Traditional national Tajik yurt. Karakol Lake, Tajikistan.

Why should I go to Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is a hidden gem for travellers, offering a range of unique experiences. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting:

  1. Stunning natural scenery. Tajikistan boasts breathtaking landscapes, from the rugged peaks of the Pamir Mountains to serene lakes like Iskanderkul. Tajikistan is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Rich cultural heritage. The country has a deep historical and cultural heritage, influenced by Persian, Soviet, and Islamic traditions. You’ll find ancient ruins, Silk Road cities, and vibrant local markets.
  3. Adventure opportunities. For the adventurous, Tajikistan offers trekking, mountaineering, and exploring remote valleys. The famous Pamir Highway is a dream for road trippers and cyclists.
  4. Warm hospitality. Tajik people are known for their hospitality and warmth. You’ll often be welcomed with open arms and have the chance to experience genuine local life.
  5. Off the beaten path. Tajikistan remains relatively untouched by mass tourism. This means you can explore its beauty without the crowds and have more authentic experiences.
  6. Fascinating Silk Road history. As a part of the historic Silk Road, cities like Khujand and Penjikent offer a glimpse into the region’s rich trading and cultural past.
  7. Unique cuisine. Tajik cuisine is a delightful mix of Persian, Afghan, and Russian influences. Trying local dishes like Plov (a rice dish), Shurbo (a hearty soup), and Sambusa (savoury pastries) is a treat.
  8. Affordability. Compared to many destinations, Tajikistan is quite affordable, offering good value for accommodation, food, and activities.

How does tipping work in Tajikistan?

Tipping isn’t widespread, but 10% in restaurants and rounding up taxi fares are standard practices.

The central square in the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe.

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Tajikistani Currency

What are the banknotes in Tajikistan?

The 1 somoni note usually has a picture of Ismoil somoni. He was an important leader, and the currency is named after him. 

The 3 somoni note often shows Abuabdullo Rudaki, a well-known Persian poet. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 somoni notes are also in current circulation. 

Each has different images of important people or places in Tajikistan’s history and culture. 

Somoni coins

Tajikistani coins include denominations like 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50 dirams and 1, 3, and 5 somoni. 

The smaller denominations, the dirams, are used for everyday small transactions. They often feature symbols or images significant to Tajik culture and history.

As for the somoni coins, they are larger in value and size. These coins might depict important historical figures or national symbols of Tajikistan.

Tajikistani currency import and export regulations

In Tajikistan, there are rules about bringing in and taking out money. Here’s what you need to know:

Bringing money into Tajikistan

When you go to Tajikistan, you can bring as much money as you want. This includes both Tajikistani somoni and other currencies like dollars or euros. 

If you have a lot of money, you should tell the customs officers when you arrive. 

Taking money out of Tajikistan

When you leave Tajikistan, there are limits on how much money you can take out. You can take out the same amount of money you declared when you entered or up to a specific limit set by the government. 

Ordering Tajikistani somoni online

Order Tajikistani somoni online for fast and secure delivery. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®. Alternatively, pick them up from our travel money shop near Heathrow.

Exchanging leftover Tajikistani somoni

Exchange your unused Tajikistani somoni for GBP with our ‘sell currency’ option. We offer great rates for your leftover Tajikistani somoni.

Oshi palow. Tajikistan traditional dish


The Tajikistani somoni currency symbol is “SM”. This represents the somoni in prices and financial transactions. 

So, if you see something priced at 50 SM, it means 50 Tajikistani somoni. This symbol is used in Tajikistan to show the cost of items in somoni.

Tajikistan uses the somoni as its official currency. The somoni was introduced in 2000, replacing the Tajikistani Ruble. 

The currency is named after Ismoil somoni, a historical figure who founded the Samanid dynasty. He was an important part of Tajikistan’s cultural and historical heritage.

Tajikistan’s official language is Tajik. Tajik is a variety of Persian and is written in the Cyrillic script. Tajik is closely related to Dari Persian, which is spoken in Afghanistan. 


Russian is also widely used in Tajikistan, especially in business and communication, as a legacy of Tajikistan’s Soviet past. You might also hear other languages in some regions, reflecting the country’s diverse ethnic makeup.

You need a visa if you’re from the UK and want to go to Tajikistan. You can’t just arrive in Tajikistan and get in without one. 

The good news is you can apply for a visa online before your trip. This online visa is called an e-visa. Just remember to apply for it before you travel to Tajikistan.

For a Tajikistan trip, you should ensure you’re up to date with certain vaccinations. These include:

  • Routine vaccines. These are your regular jabs like measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.
  • Hepatitis A. This vaccine is important because you can catch hepatitis A through food or water in Tajikistan.
  • Typhoid. You can also get typhoid from food or water there. This vaccine is especially good to have when going to rural areas or if you love trying local foods.
  • Hepatitis. This one is recommended if you might have medical treatments or get a tattoo or piercing.
  • Rabies. Consider this vaccine if you plan to be around animals or in remote areas.

The best time to visit Tajikistan is from April to June and from September to early November. The weather is nice and mild during these months, perfect for exploring and hiking. 

The summer months, like July and August, can be hot, especially in the lowlands. 

Winter, from December to February, is freezing and snowy, making travel tough, especially in the mountains. 

So, spring and autumn are the best times to enjoy Tajikistan’s nature and sights comfortably.

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